Brooklyn Performance Combine

Brooklyn Performance Combine

a durational performance mashup of
poets, painters, performers

Fri, Jun 15, 7-9pm

350 Moffat Street, Bushwick

Tickets: $40 Reserved seating / $25 General / $20 Seniors + Students

L Train to Brooklyn. Wilson Avenue Stop.

Participating artists TBA

Norte Maar joins forces with The Muse for the return of The Brooklyn Performance Combine, a mashup of poets, painters, performers! The two-hour durational event will take place at The MUSE (350 Moffat Street, Bushwick), on Friday, June 15, 7-9pm.

Not so unlike the historic Theater Event #1 that took place at Black Mountain College during the summer of 1952, and Norte Maar’s own End of the World performance at English Kills in 2012, The Brooklyn Performance Combine unites all art forms in a fusion of poetry, sound, dance, and performance in a single cohesive 120-minute event. It will be epic.

A timer will start the countdown for the performance. Each artist will be programmed to begin and end at a time designated through chance operations within the 120-minute interval. At times a poet will be reading while a sound artist is performing. A dancer will enter, perform and depart. Sounds will overlap. There will be silence. Every aspect of the performance will be unrehearsed, live, spontaneous, and uninterrupted. Audiences can come and go as the event clock ticks out of time.

Participating poets, painters, and performers to be announced.


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