Announcing the poets, painters, and performers of The Brooklyn Performance Combine!

Norte Maar, Brooklyn Combine, Brooklyn Performance Combine

Norte Maar joins forces with The Muse for the return of The Brooklyn Performance Combine, a mashup of poets, painters, performers! The 90 minute durational event will take place at The MUSE (350 Moffat Street, Bushwick), on Friday, June 15, 7-9pm. Here’s our line up of poets, painters, and performers!


Master of Ceremonies: DJ jojoSOUL

DJ jojoSOUL and Agave L’amour are the creative duo of NewYorkWild.Life! jojo and Agave use their live beats and dance training to captivate audiences by exploring rhythmic syncopation between drummer and dancer, amplifying each other’s energy, allure, and magnetism with dynamic, a mindful presence, and love.


Dara Mandle
Dara Mandle earned her BA in English from Yale, where she was awarded the Clapp Poetry Prize, and her MFA in poetry from Columbia. Her poems have appeared in The Hopkins Review, E-Verse Radio, and Painted Bride Quarterly, among other journals. In 2015 Norte Maar published Tobacco Hour, her collaborative chapbook of poems with artist Brece Honeycutt.

Iman Khon
Iman Khon is a former chef de partie at Mortimoto NYC and part of the top 100 of Masterchef Season 6. She is the executive chef of Bar Uni, and is a visual and spoken word artist. Her poems touch on love and the general confusion of the human experience through storytelling and cleverly integrated lies.

Sergio Satélite
Born in Santo Domingo, Sergio moved to NYC in his mid-teens to become a Calvinist pastor, an undocumented factory worker, a Spanish interpreter and a philosophy student.
Sergio’s poetry may be described as a sincere sancocho of absurdities or as mangu of vulnerable vulgarities.
Sergio has been featured at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, GAMBA Forest, The Secret Loft, his mother’s house, Arlo Hotel, Great Weather for Media and a few other cool spots.
Some of his work is forthcoming in Great Weather For Media, LiVE MAG!, Local Knowledge and BreadcrumbsMag

Tyler Larsen
Tyler is a Staten Island based spoken word poet. A graduate from SUNY with a BA in Special Education, Tyler spends his days bringing the arts to people with developmental disabilities. When focused on his own work, he provides a raw and honest introspective of the complexities of love, loss, and being a fat positive transgender man in Staten Island. Tyler is one half of “Letters & Music”, a duet group that bridges the gap between poetry and song.

Lawrence Swan
Lawrence Swan is a painter and writer who makes art with the material/spiritual at hand. He has lived in Brooklyn since 1998. He was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1954, but his family moved to Palm Beach County, Florida when he was two, and he moved to Cleveland in 1977 to go to art school and get a BFA in painting and then went to Cleveland State to get an MA in philosophy and continued to hang out in Cleveland to become a middle aged artist poet. Having nothing to lose he took his bag of tricks in 1998 to a Brooklyn bomb shelter on South 8th and Bedford and worked at the Borders in the World Trade Center until September 2001. He continued working for the dying bookstore chain at their Park Avenue store and then the Wall Street store until he was laid off. Meanwhile he and Lori Ellison got married and became loft mates and while Borders collapsed into bankruptcy he began showing his work in the emerging Bushwick scene.


Elisabeth Condon
Elisabeth Condon is an American painter, whose extensive body of work features poured paint as a central compositional landmark. Condon combines disparate paint applications and materials to re-interpret landscape for an information-saturated world. Referencing Yuan Dynasty scrolls, her mother’s fabrics and wallpapers, 1970s glam rock clubs and places the artist has lived or traveled evokes synthetic spaces where nature and decor intersect.

Priscilla Fusco
Priscilla Fusco lives and works in New York City. She illustrates non-human agendas through sculpture and writing. Strongly based in the physical her sculptural works in clay function as an extension of anatomy and suggest hybrid of the engineered while returning again and again to consult forms found in nature. She has shown at Underdonk, Ludlow 67 and the Brooklyn Waterfront. She earned her MFA from Hunter College in 2016, and currently serves as the Assistant Gallerist at Thomas Hunter Project Space in New York, New York.

Paulapart is a sculptor and musician whose work combines acoustics, fractals, and biology. The spiraling curves of their sonic shell sculptures cause sound to expand and resonate as it plays through the shape. Paulapart uses an ensemble of these shells to shape and explore a wealth of sounds, from digital noise and wildlife calls to urban machinery and other live performers. Paulapart studied sculpture and music composition at the University of Florida and their work has been featured at the SVA Curatorial Projects Space, The Knockdown Center, New Women Space, and Silent Barn.

A parade of paintings will include works by: Samantha Bittman, Amanda Browder, Scott Chase, Justine Hill, Karen Schifano, and Edith Schloss (1919-2011).


Nico Brown
Nico Brown moved to Brooklyn from rural, southern Illinois. He make dances, usually solos, that address relationships to landscape, queerness, his love of ballet, and formal composition. These things converge in his work. He calls himself a minimalist. His dances have been presented at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Inside/Out, New York Live Arts, La Mama Experimental Theater, Gibney Dance Center, and Brooklyn Arts Exchange. He recently presented a solo in collaboration with music artist Fischerspooner during a sold-out concert at Brooklyn Steel.

Gleich Dances
Gleich Dances bridges classical and current movement trends. With influences as wide-ranging as The Nitty-Gritty, The Hustle, Ballet and Limón techniques and experimental and collaborative approaches to performance, Gleich Dances are consistently developed as part of a collaboration with visual artists, scientists, mathematicians, and musicians. And themes continually return to imagery of life, circumstance, and character. Gleich uses pointework in choreography without negating the humanity of the “pedestrian.” The company has performed in venues across the US and UK, especially NYC and London and received critical acclaim in The New York Times, DanceInsider, the Village Voice, The New Criterion, The Brooklyn Rail, DanceviewTimes, dance.log and, among others.

konverjdans is dedicated to celebrating the convergence of different art forms, backgrounds, and experiences by always creating dance in collaboration with other artists – musicians, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, and others; to always performing with live music, highlighting the importance of musical collaboration in dance; and to performing in a wide variety of spaces, making dance accessible to diverse audiences. konverjdans hopes eventually to conduct outreach programs in the directors’ home countries of the United States, Zimbabwe and the Philippines.

Tiffany Mills Company
Tiffany Mills and the NYC-based Tiffany Mills Company has created over 20 works performed with a “fearless sense of freedom and exhilaration” (Washington Post). The company was formed in 1995 and incorporated as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization in 2000. Mills’ process of creation is collaborative, ensemble-based, and multidisciplinary. She collaborates to blur lines between mediums and to discover layered methods of constructing dances (drawn from partnering, improvisation, and somatic modalities).

Ariel Valeiras & Stefanie Clouse
Ariel Valeiras & Stefanie Clouse are married and work together on stages and in rings across the globe. Ariel is a 5th generation circus performer who specializes in whips & lassos, cube spinning, and perch pole and Stefanie is a musical theatre performer turned circus artist who specializes in Spanish Web. Based out of NYC, Ariel & Stefanie have produced and performed in every major venue in the city and have a passion for making magic.

This program produced in collaboration with The Muse with special thanks to Bowery Poetry and is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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