Brooklyn Performance Combine

Brooklyn Performance Combine

featuring the return of Norte Maar’s acclaimed
durational performance mashup of
poets, painters, performers, and a meteorologist

Sat, Jun 3, 7-9pm

350 Moffat Street, Bushwick

Tickets: $40 Reserved seating / $20 General / $15 Seniors + Students

Media Sponsor: Bushwick Daily

L Train to Brooklyn. Wilson Avenue Stop.

Featured appearances include (others to tba):

Maria Chavez, sound artist

Bob Holman
Dara Mandle

Maria Calandra
Jeri Coppola
Mimi Gross
Hermine Ford
Roy Fowler
Ellie Murphy

PT Barnum as played by Ara Fitzgerald
Singer/Song Writer Chris Blacker
Dancer/Choreographer Brandon Collwes
Douglas Dunn + Dancers
Dancer/Choreographer Molissa Fenley
Gleich Dances
konverjdans with musician Max Kanowitz
Racoco Productions

Aerialists from The MUSE
Jason Andrew’s niece, Kate Arbuckle, the harpist

and special guest WABC-TV Meteorologist Amy Freeze

Link to participant bios >

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VIDEO: The Brooklyn Performance Combine (2014)

This program is presented in collaboration with The MUSE and supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council

Department of Cultural Affairs, Beat Nite, Norte Maar, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Combine, The Muse

Norte Maar, Bushwick Daily, Bushwick, Brooklyn__________
Norte Maar presents the return of its ambitious collaborative event The Brooklyn Performance Combine, a mashup of poets, painters, performers and this time includes aerialists and a meteorologist! The two-hour durational event will take place at The MUSE (350 Moffat Street, Bushwick), on Saturday, June 3, 7-9pm. Tickets are $20 General / $15 Seniors + Students. All proceeds to benefit the collaborative mission of Norte Maar. Link to participant bios >

Not so unlike the historic Theater Event #1 that took place at Black Mountain College during the summer of 1952, and Norte Maar’s own End of the World performance at English Kills, The Brooklyn Performance Combine Event unites all art forms in a fusion of poetry, sound, dance, and performance in a single cohesive 120-minute event. It will be epic.

A timer will start the countdown for the performance. Each artist will be programmed to begin and end at a time designated through chance operations within the 120-minute interval. At times a poet will be reading while a sound artist is performing. A dancer will enter, perform and depart. Sounds will overlap. There will be silence. Every aspect of the performance will be unrehearsed, live, spontaneous, and uninterrupted. Audiences can come and go as the event clock ticks out of time.

Highlights include:
Critically acclaimed sound artist, Maria Chavez, who will set the pulse for an evening of coincidence, spontaneity, and reverie.  “Over the last decade, Chavez has pursued pristine and thoughtful turntablist work.”- The WIRE

Douglas Dunn + Dancers will push the theatrical experience. No body knows how to do it better.

Maria Calandra (Pencil In The Studio) will enlarge her intricate drawing practice to a grand scale by sketching onsite with an overhead projector.

Dancer/Choreographer Molissa Fenley and poet Bob Holman performing Rue Surf, a collaborative poetry dance with a painting by Roy Fowler.

Gleich Dances presents Solo with Step Ladder accompanied by a trumperter (who will also likely roam the warehouse serenading the crowd).

Ara Fitzgerald performing excerpts from ‘Watch The Bullies Dance’ starring circus impresario PT Barnum, who is angry that he is being compared to fellow showman Donald Trump. They both love to sell tickets but PT has principles. In a reverse of her usual process, Ara created the material first as a series of short films with Peter Cunningham whose grandmother was famous for handing out condoms in Harvard Square for Planned Parenthood.


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