Platform – PAPER

Platform – PAPER

@ Norte Maar Presents @ Schema
an exhibition for
Exchanged Rates: an international exposition

Oct 23-26, 2014

Opening reception coincides with Beat Nite
Fri Oct 24, 6-10pm

Norte Maar Presents @ Schema Projects
92 St. Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn

Directions: L Train to Dekalb Ave Stop
Oct 23-26, 12-6pm

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Bushwick, Brooklyn-Norte Maar is pleased to unite Seattle based Platform Gallery and UK based PAPER Gallery for Sluice_Exchange Rates: an international exposition, Oct 23-26. Both galleries team up to present a collaborative exhibition for Norte Maar’s Schema Projects residency. The exhibition will be open from 12-6pm, Oct 23-26, with a special edition of Beat Nite on Fri, Oct 24, 6-10pm.

PAPER is an artist’s run gallery focussing on emerging and mid-Career artists working on paper. Platform Gallery has exhibited challenging contemporary art from international artists working in a variety of media for the past decade. Sharing the ethos of Schema Projects, to exhibit work on paper, PAPER and Platform will transform the gallery into discursive environment that explores paper as a means of support. Platform <-> PAPER creates a transatlantic dialogue pairing artists working across America and Europe.

Artists include:

Patte Loper <-> Frances Disley

Kelly Mark<-> Jenny Core

Jesse Burke <-> Bethan Hamilton

Ross Sawyers <-> George Shaw

Marc Dombrosky <-> David Miles

Robert Yoder <-> Rachel Wrigley

Patte Loper’s practice involved creating three-dimensional environments that she then uses as models to create two-dimensional observational paintings. Frances Disley is currently exploring the notion of presenting artworks in a state of flux, unresolved and tipping into the next stage of transformation. She would like to expose at what point an artwork becomes an actual piece of art and the mechanisms an artist employs to make this process possible. Alongside Patte and Frances will create new artworks for Norte Maar@Schema generated from their trans-Atlantic dialogue transforming the frontice of the gallery into an immersive work combining the three-dimensional with the two.

Kelly Mark’s video, drawings, installations and sculptures have centered on her awareness of time, its passing, wasting, marking, keeping, through the recording of repetitive tasks and ordinary unnoticed moments. Jenny Core’s work is an investigation into the potential and diversity of drawing as a medium. Her works are also time led and explore performative processes. The object is captured on paper. It dissolves, explodes and ceases to exist in its current form.

Jesse Burke’s photographic installations explore the vulnerability of masculinity where there is a presence of a rupture or wound, be it physical, emotional, or metaphorical. Bethan Hamilton’s work is an exploration of female sexuality, identity and body image through mark making. Photographing friends or requesting images from online ‘feeder’ networks, Bethan’s hyper-real drawings explore the contradictory attitudes towards over consumption.

Ross Sawyers’ art is influenced by the experience of living in increasingly smaller spaces that are in ever-closer proximity to others in neighbourhoods and housing developments that grow steadily denser. The mediated situations in his photographs challenge our inherent understanding of contemporary buildings and residential neighbourhoods. Growing up in a suburban British Midlands, George Shaw re-visits locations familiar in childhood and adolescence, places of solitude. They are places in which he forgot things., using the paint to recollect all the thoughts he lacks the language to describe.

Every handmade mark on any scrap of paper Marc Dombrosky finds is salvaged and embroidered over with his hand-stitched thread that most closely approximates the mark underneath it, in both line weight and colour. Each successive found scrap expands and lends a narrative to what may be a quiet walk from the bus stop to the convenience store. David Miles’ work highlights the more sinister aspects of urban life and human psychology. Works stem from personal stories, or in the series he will exhibit at Schema, completed during a residence in Montreal, David presents a series of hand rendered copies of collected Lost Cat posters. Each image describes an unresolved narrative, a cat lost in the city that may or may not have been returned.

Robert Yoder is interested in the material possibilities of found objects. Robert creates unique work that balances negative space with near abstraction of elements. By manipulating, deconstructing and distorting the architecture and objects as represented in glossy magazine, Rachel Wrigley’s collages attempt to invent new forms; providing a distorted version of reality by investigating space as a moveable, impermanent fixture.

As well as the pairing, PAPER will present a constellation of represented artists, further highlighting the breadth of possibilities that work on paper provides.


About PAPER.
Based in Manchester, UK, PAPER is an artist-run commercial gallery led by Andrea Cotton, David Hancock, Simon Woolham, and Rachel Wrigley selling affordable and accessible works on paper. PAPER represents a range of emerging and mid-career artists whose practice is based around the medium of paper. This ranges from drawing, painting, printmaking, artist’s books, video, and performance. The gallery opened in August 2012, participating in several European artist-led art fairs. PAPER has a regular programme of exhibitions, presenting the work of gallery artists as well as providing a platform for outside curatorial projects. PAPER also instigated an Artist-in-Residence programme, Exploring PAPER, funded by the Arts Council of England.

Unit 12 Mirabel Studios, 14-20 Mirabel Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M3 1PJ
Telephone: 00447799813062
Hours: Saturdays 11am-5pm

About Platform Gallery.
Since 2004, Platform Gallery has exhibited challenging contemporary artworks including sculpture, painting, works on paper, photography, and installations by artists from around the world. The exhibition space is located in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square neighborhood in the Tashiro-Kaplan arts complex. The gallery also frequently exhibits in various art fairs including those in Miami, Portland, London, and Los Angeles.

Platform Gallery
Stephen Lyons, Owner/Director
114 Third Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104
Telephone: 206-323-2808
Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 11AM to 5:00PM

About Norte Maar Presents @ Schema.
In celebration of Norte Maar’s 10th Anniversary, Norte Maar will be curating new exhibitions, readings, and performances at Schema Projects. Schema Projects is the first Bushwick gallery dedicated exclusively to works of art on paper. Housed in a former barbershop storefront, it is the brainchild of New York artist Mary Judge, well known for her dedication to all forms of drawing, both as a studio artist and educator. To learn more about Norte Maar @ Schema visit: / call: 646-361-8512.


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