David King's "Sisypuss (glass zoetrope after Muybridge and Marey)," 2015, Blown glass, water, mixed media, electronics, microcontroller, 22 x 24 x 18 inches


Frida Fjellman in Paracosm


Erica Rosenfeld in Paracosm


Brett Swenson in Paracosm

: new worlds in glass

Frida Fjellman
Kim Harty
David King
Erica Rosenfeld
Brett Swenson
Benjamin Wright

curated by Suzanne Peck and Erin O’Connor

Sept 11-Oct 23, 2016

Opening reception: Sun, Sept 11, 6-8pm

Hours: Weekends 1-6pm | always by appointment

Norte Maar, 88 Pine Street, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn
JZ Train to Brooklyn. Crescent Street Stop

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Oct 7, 2016, Independent exhibition in Brooklyn celebrates visions of glass worlds by a new generation, by Malcolm Morano, Glass Quarterly

Norte Maar’s cutting edge visual art program continues in Cypress Hills with an exhibition organized by guest curators Suzanne Peck (artist) and Erin O’Connor (sociologist). Paracosm: new worlds in glass features works that imagine parallel universes through the artists’ experiences and the unique material attributes of glass. Frida Fjellman, Kim Harty, David King, Erica Rosenfeld, Brett Swenson, and Benjamin Wright create paracosms of their own design – works that draw in, illuminate, and challenge both the earnest and absurd. This show explores transformation by art’s earliest artifice. Read more ->


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