CounterPointe Shorts

CounterPointe Shorts

London Edition : women make new work for pointe

presented in collaboration with Briar Adams/Hack Ballet and the Conway Collective

Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4RL

Thur, 7 May at 7:45pm

General Admission: £10 / £8 Conc.


Nearest Tube:

Featuring new works by:
Aisling Cook and Sophie Adams / Ballet Ensemble London
Briar Adams / Hack Ballet
Deborah Kate Norris
Elisabeth Schilling
Genevieve Grady
Julia K. Gleich / Gleich Dances

>About the Choreographers<


London, April 21, 2015 – Norte Maar, together with Briar Adams and the Conway Collective present CounterPointe Shorts, Thursday 7 of May 2015 in London’s Conway Hall, Camden. CounterPointe Shorts will present works by series curator Julia K. Gleich (Gleich Dances), and Briar Adams (Hack Ballet) as well as new works by Sophie Adams and Aisling Cook (Ballet Ensemble London), Genevieve Grady, Deborah Kate Norris from Manchester and Elisabeth Schilling from Germany. There will be a post-performance discussion led by Antonia Franceschi who is well known for her master teaching, choreography and her career as a dancer with New York City Ballet and other companies, as well as her role in the movie Fame.

Inaugurated in 2012 in collaboration with Norte Maar, CounterPointe is rooted in a vested focus on the ballet concert vocabulary, investigating new and historic territory, encouraging discussion and creating a forum for women, young or old, emerging or established, to take artistic risks.

“There are no easy solutions to the glaring imbalance of representation of women as creative leaders in ballet choreography,” recounts Julia Gleich, CounterPointe’s curator. “Annually we celebrate their choreography, those visions and the vibrant energy of women’s work in a program encouraging a range of approaches to pointe. Our dream for the future is to make CounterPointe unnecessary.”

CounterPointe is dedicated to presenting the latest experimental, innovative, risk-taking choreography that shows a depth of investment in ballet by women dance makers working with the pointe shoe. Investigating new and old territory the series highlights new work, opening up discussion, and creating a forum for women, young or old, emerging or established, to take risks. The series made its inaugural presentation in Brooklyn at the Actors Fund Center in 2012. In June 2013, the series made its London premiere at the Broadway in Barking.

Press from CounterPointe3 in NYC:

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