Come From Away

Come From Away

Come From Away

Installation view of "come from away" new work by Jeri Coppola

Come From Away

Come From Away

: new work by Jeri Coppola

May 7-21, 2017

Opening reception: Sun, May 7, 4-8pm

Closing reception: Sun, May 21, 4-6pm
Featuring performance by Dexter Dine and Ethan Primason

Norte Maar @ The Buggy Factory
14 Kossuth Place, Brooklyn

Hours: Weekends 1-6pm and by appointment

J Train to Brooklyn. Kosciuszko Street stop.

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Norte Maar is pleased to collaborate with The Buggy Factory to present Come From Away: new work by Jeri Coppola.

Jeri Coppola investigates narrative and memory. In her photographs, she often gives physical landmarks their own symbols and language: houses become bodies, trees become thoughts, oceans become the rise and fall of a breath. Everything holds memory and for Coppola these memories have both psychological and physical dimensions. Whether recalling memories of family photos or NASA images of the moon, memory invades consciousness when moving through the landscape. Her photographs of the sea are always repetitive: a motion of waves on shore and on each other. Just as hearing a word repeated over and over changes how it sounds, repeating an image over time transforms the perception of the story being told.

My work investigates the gap between the internal landscape of memory and the external world around us. Landscape becomes a metaphor for memory, and a trigger that sets memory into motion. The boundary between the real and imagined is blurred and my work travels between narrative and dream states. I am as interested in the loss of memory and in forgetting, as I am in memory. What is left out is often as important as what is included.  -Jeri Coppola

At the Buggy Factory, Coppola will present a new installation featuring lightboxes, duratrans prints and wooden pallets titled Eternal Recurrence of the Same.

Jeri Coppola’s work has been shown at Gridspace, Brooklyn, Artist in the Marketplace, Bronx Museum, Norte Maar, Brooklyn and Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Snug Harbor, Staten Island to name a few.  She has been interviewed by Jeff Bergman in Atlas.


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