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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear friend Fern Dog.

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Norte Maar is pleased to present a major exhibition surveying new work in pattern, repetition and motif titled “between a place and candy: new works in pattern + repetition + motif.” The exhibition will be held at 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery (btwn51st and 52nd Street, NYC) and will open with a public reception on Monday, March 16 from 6-8pm. The show will continue through June 12 with gallery hours Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. This exhibition continues Norte Maar’s mission of re-presenting and supporting the advancement of innovative and transgressive work of both emerging, mid-career and historic artists.

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Norte Maar announces its most ambitious performance event to date! The Brooklyn Performance Combine brings 5 poets, 11 visual artists, and 10 performing artists into one two hour durational event at the Brooklyn Museum on November 1, 7-9pm. The event is free.

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Due to the overwhelming public response to this exhibition, Norte Maar in collaboration with 1285 Avenue of the Americas Gallery, is pleased to announce the extension of this historic show, To be a Lady: forty-five women in the arts, through March 22, 2013.

1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery
1285 Avenue of the Americas (btwn 51st+52nd Str), New York
Directions: B/D/F/M to 47-50 Strs/Rockefeller Ctr, B/D/E to 7th Ave, 1 to 50th Str
Hours / Admission: Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm / Free

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To be a Lady: a panel discussing the challenges of women in the arts.

moderated by curator Jason Andrew

Thursday, October 25 at 7pm

Art Students League
215 West 57th Street

Acknowledging the mis[s]-representation and steady inequality in the workplace for women, this panel will discuss the challenges women in the arts face in today’s art world. A panel of artists and historians will join curator Jason Andrew to investigate the contemporary art world with a particular focus on the state of women in the arts. This panel is presented in collaboration with the Art Students League.

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NEW YORK CITY, September 2012–Norte Maar and the 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery announce the exhibition To be a Lady: Forty-Five Women in the Arts, on view at the 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery from September 24, 2012 through January 18, 2013. A reception, open to the public, will be held on Monday, September 24 from 6-8pm.

Curator Jason Andrew brings together forty-five artists born over the last century who happen to be women. Striking examples by historic protagonists, Alma Thomas, Louise Nevelson, Alice Neel, Lenore Tawney, Louise Bourgeois and Grace Hartigan set the stage for an exhibition designed to challenge and reshape the meaning of the word lady.

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It is hard to believe that Norte Maar’s original ballet The Brodmann Areas has finished its final run at the Center For Performance Research. With a cross-genre, multi-media collaborative approach to developing the original ballet – and its accompanying visual and audio components – the countdown to opening was highlighted in the advance press:

Bushwick Daily featured a preview that included a conversation with choreographer Julia Gleich, which can be found here. Joined by director Jason Andrew, as well as the Brodmann‘s crew of dancers, Gleich also spoke with WNYU’s CityWide arts and culture program. CityWide stopped by during the last day of rehearsal to get the details on what host Lucas Green calls “a particularly visceral collaborative product.” For audio, please click here.

Norte Maar thanks all who attended, and appreciates the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the project. As ARTINFO‘s Benjamin Sutton commented after attending opening night, “the resulting brain (and eye) candy forms a wildly varied but consistently nourishing whole that manages to integrate contemporary ballet, classical and modern (and postmodern) music, visual and performing art wonderfully.”

Critic James Panero of The New Criterion also found plenty to ponder in this brainy performance. His review of Brodmann Areas in the May Issue of the publication offers a comparison with last years ballet:

“With visual artists, sound artists, and dancers all coming together, last year was something of a celebratory free-for-all, a sprawling jam session with one guitar hero after the next compounding the awesomeness until your thoughts turned to the line at the Porta-John. “Brodmann,” in contrast, took on the subject of cognition and didn’t dance around the big thoughts. Tight, far more spare than a year before, the performance brought the dance up front while still collaborating with Bushwick artists such as Paul D’Agostino, who created rapid projections out of his triptych cardboard collages. This time Ryan Anthony Francis, as musical director, also arranged a score to link the various parts into a coherent theme.”

Panero ends with a nod to the collaboration between director/choreographer Julia Gleich and neural scientist Denis Pelli on peripheral vision. Panero’s complete review can be found here. For Panero’s review from last year’s production,  In the Use of Others for the Change click here.

The Brodmann Areascomplete program, including more information about the artists and performers involved, can be found here.

A Letter to Tamara Gonzales

Norte Maar, Tamara Gonzales, new paintings, Bushwick, Brooklyn

This month The Brooklyn Rail invited Raphael Rubinstein as guest editor, in turn, he invited critics to submit their reviews in letter form. Rubinstein explains:

“We know that some of the most memorable writings on art have taken the form of letters, including, to name a few examples, Vincent van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo, Rainer Maria Rilke’s Cézanne-inspired missives to Clara Westhoff, and the letters Samuel Beckett sent to Georges Duthuit in the late 1940s about the paintings of Bram van Velde…The theme for this edition of ARTSEEN is, thus, not a theme but a form: the letter—a letter addressed perhaps to an artist, living or dead, but, just as plausibly, to anyone else. The occasion of the letter can be an exhibition you have just seen, or maybe the fact that there is something you have always wanted to say to someone about some work of art. Write not for any general reader but to a specific addressee, and, with luck, your letter will arrive at its destination.”

Sharon Butler, the artist and blogger behind Two Coats of Paint, visited Norte Maar to see the newest series of paintings by artist Tamara Gonzales. In her ‘review/letter’ for The Brooklyn Rail’s ARTSEEN Butler writes:

“[Tamara] I’ve seen your work around for a while—in group shows at Janet Kurnatowski and the Dependent Art Fair—and most recently took in your solo show at Norte Maar in Bushwick. As poet Elizabeth Bishop suggested in a letter to James Merrill after reading his 1954 book, Short Stories, perhaps rather than offering any kind of criticism, I should simply say thank you.

Traditionally made by women, lace has been embedded within stories of politics and trade as intricate patterns have passed from one culture to another. And, of course, in terms of art historical precedent, painters like Peter Paul Rubens, Judith Leyster, Francisco de Goya, and Diego Velázquez all delighted in rendering delicate depictions of exquisite lace. Combining lace imagery with spray paint is brilliant feminine machismo—so amusingly facho!

[…] Tamara, your new paintings are glorious—literally, in that they seem to depict a magnificent, ecstatic glory. They vividly reflect the warmth and fullness that has grown in the Bushwick art community over the last few years.”


TAMARA GONZALES : Untitled is on view at Norte Maar through April 29th. Copies of TAMARA GONZALES: UNTITLED, the limited edition artist book that accompanies the show, are still available for purchase.

Painters’ Table: Tamara Gonzales

Tamara Gonzales @ Norte Maar
Painters’ Table, Mar 18, 2012

EJ Hauser blogs images from the exhibition Tamara Gonzales: Unititled at Norte Maar, Bushwick, on view through April 29, 2012, as well as photos from a visit to Gonzales’ studio.

The gallery notes that Gonzales’ new paintings “spring to the optical extreme through her unique process of spray painting through found lace tablecloths, doilies, and curtains. Vibrant and witty, layered and textured, the artist combines large gesture with tight pattern to create compositions that at once mimic the grand heroic gestures of the postwar painters, while capturing all-over free spirit found in the graffiti that appears daily on the streets near her Bushwick studio.”


A Day in Bushwick!

Norte Maar, A day in Bushwick, TimeOut, Bushwick

photo: Factory Fresh

Norte Maar was recently featured as a notable emerging art space in the TimeOut article “A day in Bushwick” by Eva Medoff.  The piece highlights the many current attractions and cultural happenings including brunch at Northeast Kingdom, Shops at the Loom, lunch at Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, and dinner at Momo Sushi Shack. Norte Maar continues to be one of the many hotspots in a neighborhood that is quickly becoming one of New York City’s greatest.

Norte Maar’s exhibition on display is Tamara Gonzales: Untitled, an exhibition of new paintings.

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