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Long Island City, NY–In conjunction with Socrates Sculpture Park’s annual celebration of the Summer Solstice on June 21, Socrates Sculpture Park collaborates with Norte Maar to present SOUND EVENT an evening of site-specific sound performances at Socrates Sculpture Park. For this event, which will encompass the entire park, noted sound artists will create unique sound platforms through traditional instrumentation, amplification of objects, juxtaposition of voices, and experimental electronic sound.

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Cage Transmitted: 2 Part 2

Cage Transmitted: Evening 2 Part 2 featured Composers Inside Electronics (CIE), a group of composer/performers dedicated to the composition and live performance of electronic music, in an engaging evening of electro-acoustic music by John Driscoll and Doug Van Nort. The duo presented Driscoll’s new “Speaking in Tongues,” which employs a group of unusual instruments that use sound above our hearing to translate small physical movements into audible sounds.  In true Cage style, Driscoll and Van Nort performed a score that blurs the lines disciplines and media.


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