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The career of Julie Lemberger has been, and continues to be, one defined by movement. This may seem like an oxymoron—a photographer being preoccupied with motion—but hers is a specific niche that hovers between the worlds of photography and dance. Through her 25-year career as a photographer, Lemberger has built a portfolio that reads like a who’s who of modern American dance.

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Cage Transmitted with Simone Forti

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On Monday, November 12, as part of the Cage Transmitted Series presented by Norte Maar and Experiments in Art and Technology, choreographer Simone Forti discussed her work and John Cage’s influence.

Forti, a postmodern legend with a near four-decade career, has created dances largely based on basic everyday movements. A noted dancer, Forti performed with Anna Halprin, Trisha Brown and Robert Whitman. Musically she has collaborated with La Monte Young, Richard Maxfield, Terry Riley, and Yoko Ono.

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October 26, 2012. Aegis Live Arts performed with Albion Baroque Orchestra in an evening of Musick in Britain: The Italian Heritage. Conductor and Director, Miguel Esteban, founder of Albion Baroque, invited Aegis to dance alongside the orchestra to Charles Avison’s concerto grosso no.11 in G major. Dancers, Michelle Buckley, Chiara Favaretti and Fenella Kennedy, negotiated the aisles of the church in choreography by Julia K Gleich, and the concert was followed with dessert, Gingerbread from an Eighteenth Century recipe. In a review of the event, Prasanthi Matharu of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Music, cheered this inaugural performance!

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Norte Maar in collaboration with Brooklyn Ballet presents CounterPointe a new performance series featuring emerging and established women choreographers making new work on pointe. Series will run three nights at The Actors Fund Arts Center (160 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY), Fri, Sept 28 + Sat, Sept 29 at 7:30pm and Sun, Sept 30 at 4pm. General admission: $20 / students+seniors $15.

CounterPointe, is dedicated to presenting the latest experimental, innovative, risk-taking choreography that shows a depth of investment in ballet by women dance makers working with the pointe shoe. In response to the continual neglect of representation of women ballet choreographers in major ballet companies (notably, the Royal Ballet has not commissioned a work from a female choreographer for the Opera House stage since 1999) this series offers a performances ripe with the latest curated works by women who make dances with the pointe shoe.

Investigating new and old territory the series highlights new work, opening up discussion, and creating a forum for women, young or old, emerging or established, to take risks.

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It is hard to believe that Norte Maar’s original ballet The Brodmann Areas has finished its final run at the Center For Performance Research. With a cross-genre, multi-media collaborative approach to developing the original ballet – and its accompanying visual and audio components – the countdown to opening was highlighted in the advance press:

Bushwick Daily featured a preview that included a conversation with choreographer Julia Gleich, which can be found here. Joined by director Jason Andrew, as well as the Brodmann‘s crew of dancers, Gleich also spoke with WNYU’s CityWide arts and culture program. CityWide stopped by during the last day of rehearsal to get the details on what host Lucas Green calls “a particularly visceral collaborative product.” For audio, please click here.

Norte Maar thanks all who attended, and appreciates the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the project. As ARTINFO‘s Benjamin Sutton commented after attending opening night, “the resulting brain (and eye) candy forms a wildly varied but consistently nourishing whole that manages to integrate contemporary ballet, classical and modern (and postmodern) music, visual and performing art wonderfully.”

Critic James Panero of The New Criterion also found plenty to ponder in this brainy performance. His review of Brodmann Areas in the May Issue of the publication offers a comparison with last years ballet:

“With visual artists, sound artists, and dancers all coming together, last year was something of a celebratory free-for-all, a sprawling jam session with one guitar hero after the next compounding the awesomeness until your thoughts turned to the line at the Porta-John. “Brodmann,” in contrast, took on the subject of cognition and didn’t dance around the big thoughts. Tight, far more spare than a year before, the performance brought the dance up front while still collaborating with Bushwick artists such as Paul D’Agostino, who created rapid projections out of his triptych cardboard collages. This time Ryan Anthony Francis, as musical director, also arranged a score to link the various parts into a coherent theme.”

Panero ends with a nod to the collaboration between director/choreographer Julia Gleich and neural scientist Denis Pelli on peripheral vision. Panero’s complete review can be found here. For Panero’s review from last year’s production,  In the Use of Others for the Change click here.

The Brodmann Areascomplete program, including more information about the artists and performers involved, can be found here.

By Dan Heath, Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Steps in right direction – Spanish, New York dancers add class to Rouses Point event

Plattsburgh – Dancers from near and far will be among those performing at the Fete de Danse 2006, a benefit for the Rouses Point Historical Society.

Aljeandra Alonso, 15, of Barcelona, Spain, and Tiffany Mellard, 17, of the Bronx are staying with Joe, Pam and Leah Damour on Point au Fer.

Pam said she met Alejandra’s aunt three years ago, and members of the two families have visited on both sides of the ocean every year.

“Two years ago, she (Alejandra) came to visit. Last year, we visited her,” Pam said. “This year she came to visit us again.”

Pam’s daughter, Leah said her mother new Alejandra was a dancer and that she was going to be there during the festival.

“We told her to bring her shoes, and she found out when she got here she was going to dance,” Leah said.

Alejandra has been dancing and taking classes since she was 4 years old.

“I just like dancing. I like the music, too.”

Alejandra studies at what she called a small school of about 100 students, called Esclat. She said her instructor, Silvia Paz, teaches contemporary and classical ballet.

“I’ve studied with her since I started. She’s a very good teacher. I love her.”

Tiffany said she also has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She studies with Krystal Hall-Glass at the Harlem School of the Arts two days a week and attend the LaGuardia School for the Perfroming Arts.

“(Norte Maar Director) Jason Andrew saw one of our performances and offered to send some of us up on scholarship. My dance director at the school asked me if I was interested.”

Tiffany said  dancing is fun and healthy and has become her passion over time.
This is her first time in the North Country.

“I like it up here. It’s peaceful. It’s completely different from where I live. I don’t like the mosquitoes, but it’s fun.”
The two dancers have enjoyed their free time, swimming in Lake Champlain, riding bikes, having ice cream and getting towed by a motorboat while riding an inner tube.

Fete de Danse 2006 is presented by Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts. Andrew said this is the third year of the not-for-profit has held the dance festival and the two-week Summer Conservatory.

He said master teachers are invited to participate, with this being the third year that Julia Gleich and members of Gleich Dancers Contemporary Ballet have participated.

Also teaching is Ernesta Corvino. The New York-based dancer has experience with a long history of ballet teachers, Andrew said.

“This is a unique experience for rural dance schools. These are some if the best working dance teachers in the world.”

Alejandra and Tiffany are rehearsing to perform in one part of “The Mel Medley,” an original ballet created by Gleich based on the music of Mel Torme.

Both dancers are enjoying the chance to receive top-level instruction in conditioning, technique and  characterization classes each day.

They will also take part in performances in front of the Plattsburgh Wal-Mart every half hour from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, July 29. Gleich is collaborating with Norte Maar personnel to present ballet based on adapted scenes and classical choreography from “La Sylphide.”

“They blow a whistle, and we dance for 10 minutes, the rest for 20 minutes,” Tiffany said.

Andrew said that is a chance to bring what is a typically inaccessible art to the people.

“The people coming in to shop will become an unexpected audience.”

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