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2012 recap and celebrating John Cage

Norte Maar, John Cage, Cage Transmitted, Bushwick

2012 was an amazing year for Norte Maar with a number of stellar programs, exhibition, and events. Cage Transmitted Series, The Brodmann Areas, CounterPointe, To be a Lady. And much, much more all recapped here!

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Norte Maar, Cage Transmitted, John Cage, Bushwick

Norte Maar in collaboration with Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) announces the final Cage Transmitted Event celebrating an ambitious year of programming around the life, work and influence of John Cage in this the artist’s centennial year.

The event also coincides with the last day of the Mayan Calendar, which is supposed to bring about the end of the world.

In this final event we’ll be having a huge party at one of Bushwick’s coolest art houses, English Kills! We’re inviting artists, historians, and performers who participated in the Transmitted series throughout the year to join us once again (and possibly for the last time) in one single spontaneous 45 min theatrical event. Poets will read, dancers will dance, artists will create on spot and musicians will too. This event is a fundraiser to balance Norte Maar’s books … before it’s too late!

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Cage Transmitted with Simone Forti

Norte Maar, John Cage, Cage Transmitted, Simone Forti, Judson

On Monday, November 12, as part of the Cage Transmitted Series presented by Norte Maar and Experiments in Art and Technology, choreographer Simone Forti discussed her work and John Cage’s influence.

Forti, a postmodern legend with a near four-decade career, has created dances largely based on basic everyday movements. A noted dancer, Forti performed with Anna Halprin, Trisha Brown and Robert Whitman. Musically she has collaborated with La Monte Young, Richard Maxfield, Terry Riley, and Yoko Ono.

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Norte Maar, John Cage, Dumbo Arts Center, Julie Martin, Jason Andrew, Cage Centennial

Cage Transmitted Series Returns to Dumbo Arts Center: November 2012

Norte Maar and Experiments in Art and Technology once again pairs up with Dumbo Arts Center to present three exciting Cage Transmitted Events in November. All events will take place at 7pm at Dumbo Arts Center (111 Front Street, Brooklyn). All events are free. Seating is on a first come first serve basis.

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Norte Maar and Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) continue their exhaustive Cage Transmitted Series celebrating the centennial of John Cage, this time in collaboration with the National Academy Museum and with a durational dance performance titled Cage on Vinyl on Marley.

This historic event features a number of New York City’s great dancers and choreographers performing to vinyl recordings of John Cage’s music. The performance will be held in the National Academy Museum’s main gallery on the second floor, which currently showcases John Cage: The Sight of Silence.

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Norte Maar, Stranger Attractor, Harvestworks, Danny McCarthy, Irene Murphy, Mick O'Shea, Anthony Kelly, David Stalling, Stephen Vitiello, electronic music, alternative, John Cage, Cage Transmitted

On August 13 + 14, Norte Maar with Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) hosted the Irish electronic (experimental) sound group Strange Attractor in collaboration with Harvetsworks, at the historic Harvestworks location in SoHo.

The durational performance lasted 4 hours and was both meditative and provocative. Bells, sticks, rocks, strings, drums, guitars, mini record players, trash bags, and more were played. Questions arose about seeing the sound versus hearing it. How does our experience of the sound change when we know how it is made? The group played with morphology of sounds and included recordings of John Cage’s voice throughout the night.

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Cage Transmitted: 3 Part 2

Cage Transmitted: Evening 3 Part 1 featured a performance by Brooklyn based artist Lawrence Swan. Channeling the writer side of John Cage, Swan prepared a set of text read by chance. Swan describe the circumstances  around the event like this:

The St. Marks’ event was in 2007, on Cage’s birthday, September 5 (he died in 1992). I told the story to Jason Andrew and he suggested I tell it for Cage Transmitted. I said I have it written down and I could alter it some way appropriate to a Cage tribute. We agreed I would do “Prepared Text.” The next day Jason informed me that my performance would be about 45 minutes long. Since that was a lot of time to read a very short story, and the performance was to be the following evening, I had to turn the text into a composition that would fill this time. First, I separated the sentences and numbered them, then I added ten more sentences from an email I sent to Jason describing what I was doing. I used materials at hand, the kind of materials I use in my three dimensional drawings: a tin can, a wood panel, a wood block, and Sharpies. I turned the block into a die. The block and can would be a percussion instrument as well as a way to determine the number of the sentence to be read. I drew a grid on the panel with 60 numbered squares. The panel is a kind of game board. By tossing the die I cycle through the grid until I have hit every square once and have read each corresponding sentence. I used a kitchen timer set at 30 minutes (not 45) and re-read several sentences to fill up the time until the timer rang.”

Lawrence Swan is a Brooklyn-based neo-folk artist who makes drawings and texts in various media. Read More =>

Cage Transmitted: 3 Part 1

Cage Transmitted: Evening 3 Part 1 featured sound artists Tamara Yadao and a crew that included Zen Albatross and Nicole Carroll (a.k.a n0izmkr). Held in conjunction with the closing party of the group show “What I Know,” curated by Norte Maar director Jason Andrew and housed at New York Center for Arts and Media Studies, the event drew one of the largest Cage Transmitted crowds yet!

Drawing on Cage’s experimental sound work with radio,  Yadao scored a live composition by adding her instrument of choice: the Game Boy. With the help of Albatross, recently returned from a performance at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Carroll, the trio performed a dynamic work within an installation of several kinds of radios and video game. Throughout the performance, the movement of both the musicians and instruments altered frequency and tone, exploring a cross-disciplinary structure in line with Cage’s ethos.

 Watch a clip from the performance on YouTube


Cage Transmitted: 2 Part 2

Cage Transmitted: Evening 2 Part 2 featured Composers Inside Electronics (CIE), a group of composer/performers dedicated to the composition and live performance of electronic music, in an engaging evening of electro-acoustic music by John Driscoll and Doug Van Nort. The duo presented Driscoll’s new “Speaking in Tongues,” which employs a group of unusual instruments that use sound above our hearing to translate small physical movements into audible sounds.  In true Cage style, Driscoll and Van Nort performed a score that blurs the lines disciplines and media.


Bubblyfish performs live at Norte Maar / courtesy of Atau Tanaka

On Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), Norte Maar hosted the first part of the second installment of our continuing Cage Transmitted series. We were joined by experimental composer Atau Tanaka, who gave a performance of Pure Data running on a battery of iPhones, sampling and resampling things and nothings, in hommage to Cage. Atau borrowed sounds from a blender and a coffee grinder to complete his spontaneous score.

Tanaka was accompanied by Bushwick local sound artist Bubblyfish, who, using contributions from the audience written on post-its, composed a live score incorporating the voices and the text collected on site.

Norte Maar, Atau Tanaka, Bushwick, electronic sound

Norte Maar, Atau Tanaka, Bushwick

For video of Tanaka’s performance click here

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