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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our dear friend Fern Dog.

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Writer David Levesley reports on the return of Beat Nite, how it continue to keep Brooklyn at the very center of art world conversation, and interviews the guys of Signal, one of the most compelling and new art spaces featured in Beat Nite 10.

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Due to the overwhelming public response to this exhibition, Norte Maar in collaboration with 1285 Avenue of the Americas Gallery, is pleased to announce the extension of this historic show, To be a Lady: forty-five women in the arts, through March 22, 2013.

1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery
1285 Avenue of the Americas (btwn 51st+52nd Str), New York
Directions: B/D/F/M to 47-50 Strs/Rockefeller Ctr, B/D/E to 7th Ave, 1 to 50th Str
Hours / Admission: Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm / Free

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NEW YORK CITY, September 2012–Norte Maar and the 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery announce the exhibition To be a Lady: Forty-Five Women in the Arts, on view at the 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery from September 24, 2012 through January 18, 2013. A reception, open to the public, will be held on Monday, September 24 from 6-8pm.

Curator Jason Andrew brings together forty-five artists born over the last century who happen to be women. Striking examples by historic protagonists, Alma Thomas, Louise Nevelson, Alice Neel, Lenore Tawney, Louise Bourgeois and Grace Hartigan set the stage for an exhibition designed to challenge and reshape the meaning of the word lady.

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Bushwick Open Studios Event Program, Norte Maar, BOS APP, download, mapThis is the largest Buswhick Opens Studios ever! Just when you thought this annual event couldn’t get any bigger, wait until you see the event program! Let’s just say it’s as thick as a Sunday edition of The New York Times and just as big. This year alone over 525 artists will participate (easily exceeding last year by 175 registrations). Spread over three square miles there are over 235 separate locations registered. Registrations spread from Kingsland Avenue near the Graham Station off the L, to Cooper Street off the Wilson L, and from Broadway to Woodward Ave in Ridgewood.

Norte Maar has come to know this festival intimately having been an active supporter and proud sponsor of BOS since 2008.

This Memorial Weekend, with an advance copy of the event program, we stayed in, studied up, cross referenced it with the website, messed around with the fancy new BOS Event APP and have come up with these suggestions to help best navigate this mammoth of a festival. Huge thanks and congrats to Arts in Bushwick’s all-volunteer team for pulling this off once again.

We begin with 3 Tips:

1.  Download the BOS Event APP.
This will be your saving grace! And bravo to the event organizer that came up this brilliant idea as it certainly upgrades the festival allowing you instant access to everything allowing one to navigate the neighborhood with the event program. Download BOS APP

2.  Decide where you are going to start.
Of course, we suggest you begin your BOS experience at Norte Maar as it hosts its annual Maps-N-Mimosas, Saturday, June 2, from 11am-2pm. How can you go wrong starting your day off with a cocktail?

3.  Skip brunch, buy art.
Spend your money on some new art. It’s rare to have the opportunity to visit artists in their studios, away from the hype of the galleries and dealers. You’ll be one-on-one with the artist and with a bit of cash in hand you will become the collector every artist is looking for! But you’ll need refreshments so for ice coffee visit Little Skips, 941 Willoughby Ave (Central off the M) and/or Wyckoff Starr Coffee, 30 Wyckoff Ave, (Jefferson off the L)

14 Studios / Spaces not to miss
As in years past, the festival is split up into six zones. We’ve selected a few not to miss studios and art spaces that should not be missed. We are listing these stops in order as if you were on foot or bike (not in Zone order). Note: Norte Maar is located in Zone 5 / HUB: J (Dekalb or Jefferson off  the L).

#26  Indeterminate Hikes + Basecamp @ 319 Scholes Str
Take an Inderterminate Hike through Bushwick’s sublime industrial wilderness with the collaborative artist team of Echoarttech. Artists Leila Christine Nadir and Cary Peppermint join forces to start Ecoarttech which explores environmental issues and convergent media from an interdisciplinary perspective. They have set up a basecamp at 319 Scholes Str which will explore what it means to be a modern ecological being amidst networked environments, including biological systems, global cultural exchanges, international commerce, industrial grids, digital networks, and the world wide web. Sounds heady. Sat + Sun  12pm-7pm

#80  The Schoolhouse @ 330 Ellery Str
Nearly every artist we’ve come in contact with has either lived, worked, squatted or partied at the Schoolhouse. A true Bushwick cultural landmark for over a decade, it’s sort of the landing spot for artists and musicians. For BOS they got a group show of some of Schoolhouse’s residents and repeaters: Must-see Justin Orvis Steimer, Gaspar Dietrich, Chris Chludenski, Cody Healey-Connely, David Powers, Cassidy Mosher, Mariette Papic, Willy Muse, Elliot Kurtz (Freedom Press), Yuan Liu, Augustin Doublet, Tessa Mauclere. Fri 5pm-11pm; Sat + Sun 12pm-11pm

HUB E  Airplane @ 70 Jefferson Str
If it’s hot out, the scene will be cooling itself at Airplane, one of our favorite basement spaces. They’ll have a group show up showcasing artists who investigate the collective and subjective expereience of the landscape and the natural world including works by Tim Belknap, Andrea Burgay, Matt Burke, Peter Caine, Maanik Singh Chauhan, Wendy Deschene/Jeff Schmuki, Jill Lavetsky, Gili Levy, Jennie Shanker, Shinya Watanabe, Studio AND (Audra Wolowiec and Neils Cosman).

HUB H  English Kills Gallery @ 114 Forrest
English Kills remains at the center of the Bushwick scene. Once you land in the alley, you might never leave because you’ll realize that it’s so happening. They’ll have a solo show of paintings and sculptures by David Pappaceno. Then cut across the street for some totally whacked out art by Don Pablo Pedro. Sat 12pm-10pm (opening reception 6pm-10pm); Sun 12pm-7pm

Two Birds with One Stone: Navigate the entire bldg at 114 Forest including stops at Unit #9 for big paintings by Joe Ballweg, Mira Dancy, Ryan DaWalt, and Brooke Moyse in a show called Greasy Luck Pioneers of Inspiration. Separate from the show, you’ll get to see some new work by painter Mike Olin (cause it’s his studio).

#63  INQUIRY @ 117 Grattan Str, Unit #419A
Our favorite blogger/painter Sharon Butler (Two Coats of Paint) opens her new studio and invites veteran Bushwicker Austin Thomas (Pocket Utopia) to curate. The show titled INQUIRY includes painting by Margaret Atkinson, Guy Corriero, Lawrence Greenberg, and Edie Nadelhaft. Separate from the show, you’ll get to see some new paintings by Butler.

Two Birds with One Stone: While your in the Grattan Bldg also visit the studio of painter Patricia Satterlee.

#155  Studios @ 1182 Flushing Ave, 2nd flr
This is a must do, must see stop on the BOS experience. Meet and greet three of most talented artists working in the hood: Bjorn Meyer-Ebrecht, MaryKate Maher, and David McBride. Sat 12pm-7pm; Sun 12pm-7pm

#160: ALLTOGETHERNOW @ 234 Starr Str (Far Left Door)
The incomparable Julie Torres unites her facebook friends in an exhibition not to be missed! The show brings together painters from Australia, Europe, and across the US featuring Julie Alexander, Brian Cypher, Inga Dalrymple, Brian Edmonds, Justine Frischmann, Yifat Gat, Vincent Hawkins, David T Miller, Peter Shear, Ian White Williams, Stephen Wright. Fri 6pm-10pm; Sat 12pm-7pm; Sun 12pm-7pm

HUB J  Studios @ 1717 Troutman
1717 Troutman is loaded. The second and third floors of this industrial bldg will keep you busy all day so you might wanna plan to either begin or end your day there. Here’s our short list of what not to miss:

Unit#214: Studio of Lawrence Mesich (Unit#214) for his new video and installation work
Unit#218: For the dirty sugar experience
Unit#220: Parallel Art Space
Unit#315: Studio of Eric Mavko for his new figuratively based paintings
Unit#329: Regina Rex Gallery

HUB L  Norte Maar @ 83 Wyckoff Ave, #1B
We’ve got the complete collages of PassKontrol, the neighborhood rock band plus a brand new site specific sculpture Ben Godward and a selection of favorite artists from Bushwick including Rico Gatson, Andrew Hurst, Norman Jabaut, Ellen Letcher, Brooke Moyse to name a few. For our complete listing go here. Fri 6-8PM then record release party @ Tandem; Sat + Sun 11am-7pm

#212  Bushwick Basel @ Starr Space, 108 Starr Str, ground flr
Jules de Balincourt hosts Bushwick’s first ‘art fair’ featuring 11 Bushwick galleries, each curating their own show. It’s been previewed all over the place with some controversy. Includes Regina Rex, NURTUREart, Momenta Art, Interstate Projects, Airplane, Studio 10, English Kills, Storefront Bushwick, Norte Maar, Valentine, Parallel Art Space, and Starr Space Artist-in Residence Greg Kloehn. Sat 12pm-7pm (cocktail party 7pm-9pm); Sun 12pm-7pm

#141  Boy Scouts @ 175 Stockholm Str
We don’t know much about these guys, but BOS should be about discovery. So don’t miss this rooftop event marking the inception of newly formed Brooklyn artist collective “Boy Scouts” and their friendly neighbors. Fri 6pm-12am (performance piece at sunset); Sat 12pm-7pm; Sun 12pm-3pm

#194  Studio of Hiroshi Tachibana @ 680 Woodward Ave
Hiroshi Tachibana is a Japanese artist who makes abstract paintings. He was included in 30 artists to watch in 2012 by NY Arts Magazine. Sat 12pm-7pm; Sun 12pm-7pm

#200  Studio of Michelle Jaffe @ 852 Cypress Ave, ground flr
Michelle Jaffe, one of the newest and most exciting arrivals to the Bushwick/Ridegwood scene, she presents an amazing sound and sculpture installation. Sat, 12-7pm; Sun, 12-7pm

HUB M:  Outpost Artists Resources @ 1685 Norman St, ground flr
Outpost Artists Resources, one of our favorite innovative and experimental art space presents, Actual ‘Wood: a survey of work created by artists both emerging and renowned who have found their way to Ridgewood, Queens.

Pocket Utopia Returns!

Artist Austin Thomas, whose sketchbook is currently on display at Norte Maar, recently relaunched her exhibition space Pocket Utopia. “Pocket Utopia has long been a matter of resourcefulness and recycling, reenvisioning and reappropriation, ever an endeavor to make and remake and not waste—and always with variant notions of space and place,” writes Paul D’Agostino in a preview for The L Magazine. After a two year hiatus, Pocket Utopia has reinvented itself anew: last with a successful and well attended one night show of Donald Steele’s photographs housed in a new location on the Lower East Side.

Pocket Utopia will officially reopen on April 29th with the exhibition, in collaboration with C. G. Boerner, Portraits of Artists: 18th Century French Engravings.


We are excited to bring back the late night!

BEAT NITE: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late is the sixth in our series.  It’s a bi-annual event organized and promoted by Jason Andrew and Norte Maar every February and October.  Catch some of the neighborhood’s most exciting emerging artists when Bushwick’s elusive art spaces open simultaneously this Friday, Oct 28!

Latest News: Beat Nite in Brooklyn Paper.

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We are especially excited for the debut of AIRPLANE, opened by artists Lars Kremer, Kevin Curran and Liz Atz. AIRPLANE is a new Bushwick artspace devoted to an experimental approach for engaging the viewing public through curated shows, food events, seminars and collaborations.The new artspace, with 25+ feet of unbroken wall space is still a work in progress.The intent of blind spot is to integrate into the 1000 sq ft. basement space work that is coy, that plays with large amounts of “negative”, or recessive space, or that presents a playful challenge to standard gallery presentation. The works reveal themselves upon further investigation, emerging from the blind spot, the peripheral reality just past the edges of vision.

 AIRPLANE launches with “blind spot: a presentation of artworks that tend toward a sense of formal spaciousness and conceptual understatement, emphasizing the potential possibilities of the gallery itself.” Artists include Erica Ando, John Avelluto, Kate Gilmore, Adam Parker Smith, Tom Scicluna, and Austin Thomas.
70 Jefferson Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

I hope everyone enjoys BEAT NITE!  and I’ll see you at the afterparty!


Camp Brings Culture to Kids, Adults

by Sarah L. Cronk, North Countryman, Plattsburgh, NY

Feature covering Norte Maar’s collaboration with artist Austin Thomas of Pocket Utopia in Rouses Point. Together, the the organizations ran a summer camp at Rouses Point Elementary.


An interactive learning experience at Camp Pocket U(topia)

by Sarah L. Cronk, North Countryman, Plattsburgh, NY

Artist and founder of now closed gallery space Pocket Utopia Austin Thomas collaborated with Norte Maar’s Jason Andrew to bring a summer camp to Rouses Point. The feature encourages families to participate in the interactive and expressive day camp.

Local artist Austin Thomas joined Norte Maar for our Authors and Artists program.

For more images, click here. For more about the program, click here.

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