The Walmart Ballets 2004-06

The Walmart Ballets 2004-06

The Walmart Ballets 2004-06

The Walmart Ballets – 2004-06

Jul 31, 2004

The Walmart parking lot, Plattsburgh, NY

“A wonderful event transpired this past Saturday morning, July 31, in the Wal-Mart parking lot Plattsburgh NY.  It was a brief but complete transformation of our time and space and routine in this crossroads of week and civic energy.

“Five beautiful young women in white tutus passing slowly through serious classical movements punctuating their dance and pervasive bagpipes with sharp piercing whistle sounds.  White sculptural body statements were set against a simple, functional geometric entrance and their soft gentile positions were contrasted with the regular repetition of red parking barriers.  The public passage was turned for a brief time into a special of not sacred space of human movement and emotion.

“The tone of the event was appropriate: it was neither high art intruding into the mundane nor another of the endless examples of rock wiggle.  There was not attitude, just a pause to stop and look and wonder.  Questions and feelings floated about the area in all directions and speed.  The dancers gently defined their space and the public carefully and easily moved back to let them do their work.  An occasional shopper with a cart and cardboard wandered through the corps de ballet adding a bit of string theory rather than an interruption.  It was one of the more memorable events to take place in the arts in the North Country in quite some time.”

Edward R. Brohel, Director
Plattsburgh State Art Museum
from Lake Champlain Weekly, August 11, 2004


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