The Brodmann Areas

The Brodmann Areas

The Brodmann Areas

Dancers (L to R): Abbey Roesner, Morgan McEwen, Jace Coronado

The Brodmann Areas

Dancers (L to R): Morgan McEwen, Jace Coronado, Abbey Roesner

The Brodmann Areas

Dancer: Jace Coronado

The Brodmann Areas

Dancers (L to R): Morgan McEwen, Jace Coronado

The Brodmann Areas:
a new ballet from Norte Maar

produced by Jason Andrew
directed and choreographed by Julia K. Gleich
musical direction by Ryan Francis
décor and costumes by Tamara Gonzales
with collaborating artists:
Paul D’Agostino
Lawrence Swan
Denis Pelli
Audra Wolowiec
Margo Wolowiec
and others

danced by Dylan Crossman, Michelle Buckley, Jace Coronado, Morgan McEwen, Abbey Roesner, and Ida Josephsson.

Apr 12-15, 2012

Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Directions: L Train to Graham Avenue (3rd Stop in Brooklyn). Exit right out of turnstile, Left down Graham Avenue, Left on Jackson Street, Right on Manhattan Avenue


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Brooklyn, NY—Norte Maar’s collaborative ballet returns for a second season at the Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, April 12-15 with the performance of The Brodmann Areas, a new ballet directed and choreographed by Julia K. Gleich, with musical direction by Ryan Francis, décor and costumes by Tamara Gonzales with collaborating artists Paul D’Agostino, Audra Wolowiec, Margo Wolowiec and others. The ballet will run April 12, 13, 14 at 7:30pm and April 15 at 2pm at Center for Performance Research (361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn). Tickets are $25 ($20 for Seniors/Students) and can be purchased at: for more information please contact Jason Andrew, 646-361-8512.

The Brodmann Areas is a new ballet that dives literally head first into the gaps and synapses that define the 52 areas designating the regions of the cerebral cortex of the brain. Vast and complex, these areas form a web of collaborations among different parts of the brain. At its basic level, these are the areas responsible for our interpretation of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. As science continues to map the mind and its methods of perception, this ballet ventures into decoding the impulse to action and the movement of language. Under the direction of choreographer Julia K. Gleich with Ryan Francis providing musical direction and Tamara Gonzales designing décor and costume, the collaborators knit a visual and musical map to traverse the landscape of perception and memory. Read more=>

The Brodmann Areas Ballet is sponsored
in part by:

Norte Maar, Bodega Wine Bar, Bushwick

Norte Maar, Northeast Kingdom, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Norte Maar, Momo Shushi Shack, Bushwick, Brooklyn


Norte Maar, Cafe Ghia, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Norte Maar, Pernod, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Norte Maar, Miles on Wilson

and the generous support from the following individuals:
Jason Andrew, Trevor Carlson, Elizabeth Gleich,
Gerald Gleich + Kris Leiferman, Ruth Guydosh,
Justin Hillenbrand, Alice Mossey,
Patricia Satterlee, Joel Perlman, and David Seligman


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