Painted Drawings

Painted Drawings


Painted Drawings

Saterlee Install

Painted Drawings

Coppola Jeri

Painted Drawings

Murphy Install

Painted Drawings: recent work by Patricia Satterlee
with site specific commissions by Ellie Murphy + Jeri Coppola

Sep 30 – Oct 23, 2011

Norte Maar, 83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B, Brooklyn

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Bushwick, Brooklyn-This exhibition marked the return of the apartment gallery and the inauguration of the commissioning program whereby artists are selected and invited to produce site-specific work in one of the rooms of the apartment.

Patricia Satterlee grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, attended Carnegie-Mellon University and received a BFA from UC Santa Cruz. She has an MFA from American University in Washington, DC, and for the past six years she has been making work on Grattan Street in Bushwick. Her recent work is made up of loose and playful lines, which laugh and dance with rational systems. Satterlee juggles symbols and historic markers that seem reminiscent of the clarity and simplicity found in early modernism of Kandinsky and Matisse.

“Painted Drawings are rhythmic structures of sensory experience. More intuitive than intellectual, the orbits have a motion that feels both ancient and primal, immediate and futuristic. The paintings capture the spontaneous energy pursuing its course with lines suggesting the space between the things. In a confluence of swirling halos going from one object to another the flux lines make forms of their own identity.” -Patricia Satterlee, 2011

“The more simple the lines and forms the greater the beauty and power.” -Ingres, 1808

Ellie Murphy will create a new sit-specific work of yarn and knots in the second bedroom.

Jeri Coppola will create a new site-specific work using photograph/text installation in the kitchen.

This exhibition took place at Norte Maar.


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