In the Use of Others…

In the Use of Others for the Change

a new ballet in three movements directed and choreographed by Julia K. Gleich and featuring collaborations with artists:

Audra Wolowiec (sound)
Austin Thomas (set)
Kevin Regan (text)
Shona Masarin (film)
Amery Kessler (sound)
Andrew Hurst (video/projections/sound)

Video Editing: Andrew Hurst, Shona Masarin
Video Footage: Albert Benaida

Apr 14-16, 2011

Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn

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Bushwick, Brooklyn-Jason Andrew and the creative team of Norte Maar have recruited a slew of Bushwick artists ranging from visual to sculptural, textual to musical, to build a new ballet choreographed by Julia K. Gleich. The ballet titled, In the Use of Others for the Change, will premiere with a benefit performance for Norte Maar at the Center for Performance Research (361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn), April 14 at 7:30PM.  Performances will continue April 15 and 16 at 7:30PM.  For tickets and more information call 646-361-8512 or visit

In the Use of Others for the Change, begins with a new musical score created by Audra Wolowiec, and opens in an atmosphere of sketches and studies traced and drawn by artist Austin Thomas. The ballet morphs through Gleich’s vectored choreography into a dense and psychological trip that combines text by John C. Lilly as read by artist Kevin Regan. And finally, Andrew Hurst, performance/visual artist/composer, will entice the dancers through a series of pieces involving texturally rich film and video projections enhanced by brand new sonic explorations that will feature an array of unconventional live instrumentation. Gleich will explore “decumulation”, where memory builds on memory then unravels to an end, where nothing exists anymore.

These collaborations grew out of Camp Pocket U(topia), a summer project created by Austin Thomas in 2010 held in Rouses Point, NY, and continue the energy and inspiration generated from that productive summer.

This ballet is sponsored by The Friends of Norte Maar, The Bodega Wine Bar, and Tandem Bar with media sponsorship from Hyperallergic.

Also on the program will be two works choreographed by Gleich: Summer in Rouses Point, set to the music of Charles Avison and Ghost (for Martin) a revival of Gleich’s 2001 duet, which will be performed by Jason Andrew and Julia K. Gleich.

About Julia K. Gleich
Julia Gleich is a choreographer, teacher, scholar, and mathematics aficionado. Her creative work connects her published research on vectors with her unique vision of movement. She is interested in re-contextualizing ballet: creating new environments for traditional works and illuminating the relationships between the traditional and the new.  For more information about Julia K. Gleich visit:

About Norte Maar
Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts is a non-profit arts organization founded by art enthusiast, Jason Andrew, and choreographer, Julia K. Gleich in 2004 as a way to bring the arts to a rural village in upstate NY. Since then Norte Maar has grown to be an internationally recognized collaborative arts group, now based in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Director Jason Andrew was recently featured in L Magazine’s “Who Made the New Brooklyn” (March 2011) for his relentless efforts to promote and produce the work of artists and further the mission of Norte Maar to create, promote and present collaborations within the disciplines of visual, literary, and the performing arts.  Norte Maar aims to be a leader in building collaborative partnerships between artists and other organizations whereby uniting cultural forces to foster artistic expression and raising the imaginative energy in us all.

About CPR (Center For Performance Research)
CPR is the singular new development for the performing arts in Brooklyn’s first L.E.E.D. certified green building of its kind. This 4,000 square foot arts facility provides affordable space for rehearsal and performance, innovative arts programming, education and pedagogical engagement with the communities of New York City and abroad.  For more information about CPR visit:


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