Alberto Giacometti (1906-1966) "Double Sided Drawing featuring Double Portrait of Diego and Standing Man Arms Outstretched," c.1947-1950. Private Collection, New York.

and a selection of contemporary drawings

featuring work by:
Anthony Browne
Maria Calandra
Kevin Curran
Ryan Michael Ford
Libby Hartle
Francesco Longenecker
Eric Mavko
Thomas Micchelli
Mathew Miller
Andrew Szobody
and Alberto Giacometti

Jan 26-Feb 24, 2013

Opening reception: Sat, Jan 26, 6-9pm

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an afternoon with Julie Martin, co-author of Kiki’s Paris: Artists and Lovers
Sun, Feb 10, 4pm at Norte Maar


Norte Maar, 83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B, Brooklyn

Directions:  L Train to Brooklyn. Dekalb Stop.
:  Weekends 1-6pm and by appointment: 646-361-8512

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Norte Maar is pleased to present Giacometti and a selection of contemporary drawings, January 26-February 24, 2013. The exhibition features a double sided drawing by the great modern master Alberto Giacometti. The work, on loan from a private collection, will be the source of discussion in a show that juxtaposes it with the work of ten contemporary artists.

Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) holds a special place in the history of 20th Century art. Any encounter with a work by Giacometti whether it is a drawing or painting or sculpture, provides an opportunity to access the strength and sincerity embodying the best art that contributed to the rise of Modernism. With an oeuvre stretching five decades, it is in Giacometti’s most mature work, say from 1947 to 1965, that his most successful and distinctive ability to obscure the boundaries of abstraction and representation are revealed. Giacometti struggled to uncover a personal kind of modernism that measured abstraction against the known, and the representational against subconscious mystery. His very process alludes to a sort of mythology of humanity, which Giacometti expressed so poetically in a short text of 1957, Ma réalité: Art, reality and the myth of life became one.

It is this hunt for artistic clarity that is the purpose behind this special exhibition, which juxtaposes the work of a selection of contemporary artists with a drawing by Alberto Giacometti.

Reality for me has never been a pretext to make art objects, but art a necessary means to render to myself a better account of what I see […] All that I will be able to make will be only a pale image of what I see and my success will always be less than my failure or, perhaps, the success will be equal to my failure. I do not know whether I work in order to make something, or in order to know why I cannot make what I would like to make. –Alberto Giacometti, Paris, May 17, 1959

Artist Bios + Online Catalogue


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