Camp Pocket Utopia

Camp Pocket Utopia

Camp Pocket Utopia

Camp Pocket Utopia

Camp Pocket Utopia

Camp Pocket Utopia

Camp Pocket Utopia: a summer interdisciplinary arts camp

Jul 21-27, 2010

Norte Maar, Rouses Point, NY

The summer arts camp united experienced art makers with each other, furthering the conversation amongst creative thinkers, empowering participants and making art and performance accessible to rural communities. A free arts camp for children coincided with the adult program.

The artists attending – painters and sculptors, musicians and choreographers, scientist, historians and others both local and foreign – were also instructors for the children, adults, and each other. Free lectures and classes were offered in the spirit of Black Mountain College.

Free Public Events:

Wednesday, July 21
6-9PM @ Opening exhibition entitled “Ab Hinc” featuring the work of artists from New York and North Country.

Thursday, July 22
7-9PM @ Civic Center / Center Stage + 20 Pratt Street (after party)
Dedication of the Samuel de Champlain Center Stage then after party to include 1 image; 1 minute event.

Friday, July 23
7:30PM @ “Chess and the Artists,” a lecture by Adam Simon.
8:30 @ Inspirational Musing with Kevin Regan.

Saturday, July 24
4:30 @ American Legion, Casual discussion of aesthetics and identity with artists Jen Dalton and Rico Gatson.
6PM @ “Image sourcing + Art of the Page,” a lecture by artist Ellen Letcher
8PM @ Chloe Bass: A Live Performance on the Nature of Memory with a screening of clips from her recent performance Mnemonic 1.0.
9pm @ Inspirational Musing with Kevin Regan.

Sunday, July 25
12PM @ Orizomigami / dyed paper folding with Kay Thomas
2PM @ Plein Air Workshop with Brenda Ziamany
4:30-5:30PM @ The blogosphere with Sharon Butler

Monday, July 26
10AM @ Suminagashi: the Art of Japanese Marbling with Kay Thomas
3PM @ “The Knitted Vision,” by Brece Honeycutt
8PM @ A discussion of projects and practices that place the artist in the world and out of the studio with Austin Thomas.

Tuesday, July 27
4PM @ Jonathan Stevenson’s “The Cold War’s Cultural Resonance.”
The Cold War nurtured or conditioned, including art, American exceptionalism, and the temptation to liken the current “age of terror” to the Cold War. Jonathan Stevenson is a professor of strategic studies at the U.S. Naval War College. From 1999–2005, he was Senior Fellow for Counter-terrorism and Editor of Strategic Survey at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London. As a writer and journalist, he has lived and covered conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Ireland. His articles have appeared in many publications, including the New York Times and Foreign Affairs. His most recent book is Thinking Beyond the Unthinkable: Harnessing Doom from the Cold War to the Age of Terror (Viking, 2008), which won the 2009 Connecticut Book Award for non-fiction.

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Hyperallergic + Norte Maar Raise Over $1,300 for Camp Pocket Utopia
by Hrag Vartanian
Hyperallergic, June 23, 2010

More about Camp Pocket Utopia:  Inspired by a Joseph Beuys-type thinking of what artists are and Andrea Zittel’s ongoing investigations into living and building upon Jen Dalton and William Powhida’s examinations of the way art is made and seen, Camp Pocket U., will offer free classes and evening salons. Some of the classes include: dance, drawing, ethics, knitting, mural making, and wordplay.

During the first week, starting Monday, July 19th, Camp Pocket U., will offer free classes to children ages 7 to 12 years. On Wednesday, July 21st there will be an evening celebration and exhibition opening (titled Ab hinc meaning from here on) featuring work by: Drew Goerlitz, Ali Della Bitta, Sharon Butler, Elisabeth Condon, Ita Bullard, Diane Fine, Brece Honeycutt, Ellen Letcher, Matthew Miller, Lars Kremer, Kevin Regan, Adam Simon, Kay Thomas, and Brenda Zlamany.

Special guest lectures will be given by Jen Dalton and Rico Gatson on issues of identity and art, Kevin Regan, artist and founder of Famous Accountants, will gather campers nightly for inspirational, planetary, cosmic speeches and guided meditations, Jason Andrew will further elaborate on Fernand Léger’s life in Rouses Point, Julia Gleich will present on the connections between her unique vision of movement and the science of vectors, Kay Thomas will demonstrate orizomigami, suminagashi, and back by popular demand – milk resist painting.

Other special events will include a discussion on Art in the Blogosphere led by Sharon Butler, author Two Coats Paint, an evening with Klaus Ottmann, independent curator and writer, and a 100-yard dash and pancake breakfast sponsored by the multimedia financial-services company the Motley Fool.

Co-produced by Norte Maar and Austin Thomas



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