Cage Transmitted

Cage Transmitted

12 evenings celebrating + playing John Cage

Joining the worldwide celebration of the centennial of John Cage, Norte Maar collaborates with Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) to present Cage Transmitted: 12 evenings of performance. As the momentum continues to build, gathering collaborators and presenting artists through events celebrating the life and ideas of John Cage, these unique evenings include music, poetry, theater, visual art, and dance. This series is ongoing throughout Cage’s centennial year. Please note: locations and times do vary.

Cage Transmitted Events:
Evening 1 of 12: Jan 24, 7 pm at Norte Maar

Norte Maar + E.A.T. launched the first of twelve transmitted projects which featured a broadcast of John Cage delivering a lecture to students at Harpur College, Binghamton, NY, on January 24, 1967. This event marked the first time the lecture was heard since it was delivered exactly 45 years ago. Six dance companies performed to the voice of John Cage.

Evening 2, Part 1: Feb 14, 7 pm at Norte Maar
This special Valentine’s Day for John Cage features international electronic composer Atau Tanaka and Bushwick local sound artist Bubblyfish.

Evening 2, Part 2: Feb 24, 7 pm
at New York Center for Arts & Media Studies, NYC

Part 2 of Evening 2 featured Composers Inside Electronics (CIE), a group of composer/performers dedicated to the composition and live performance of electronic music, will present an engaging evening of electro-acoustic music by John Driscoll and Doug Van Nort.

Evening 3, Part 1: Friday, Mar 16, 6:30pm
at New York Center for Arts & Media Studies, NYC

Channeling John Cage’s revolutionary use of radios as instruments, sound artist Tamara Yadao will construct an improvised score for this unique evening celebrating John Cage. In addition to the radios, Yadao will source melodic ornaments, drones, and rhythmic pulses from her Game Boy. This performance / installation will take place at New York Center for Arts and Media Studies as part of the closing reception of the exhibition “What I Know,” curated by Norte Maar’s Director, Jason Andrew.

Evening 3, Part 2: Tuesday, Mar 27, 6:30pm at Norte Maar (LiveStreamed)
The composer John Cage wasn’t only known for his alternative ways of making music, he was also known for his writing. For Evening 3 Part 2 of Cage Transmitted, artist and writer Lawrence Swan has prepared a reading of Cage… well not exactly!

Evening 4 of 12: May 10, 7pm at Triple Canopy
Triple Canopy in collaboration with Norte Maar is pleased to present the fourth evening of Cage Transmitted: Celebrating + Playing John Cage, a year-long series of performances and events to celebrate John Cage’s centennial year. The evening will feature two rarely seen performances that reflect on Cage’s relationship to Marcel Duchamp.

Evening 5 of 12: Jul 10, 6pm at Park Avenue Armory
On the occasion of The Park Avenue Armory’s presentation of Astral Converted, a collaboration between Trisha Brown, Robert Rauschenberg, and John Cage, art historian Susan Rosenberg will present a lecture titled Trisha Brown & John Cage: Seeing the Score and will offer new perspective on issues of composition, performance and music in the work of Trisha Brown and John Cage. This program is presented by The Park Avenue Armory and the Trisha Brown Dance Company in conjunction with the Cage Transmitted Series organized by Norte Maar and E.A.T.

Evening 6 of 12: Mon + Tues, Aug 13 + 14, 6-10pm at Harvestworks
Harvestworks joins forces with Norte Maar and Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) to present Strange Attractor (Ireland) as part of Norte Maar’s Cage Transmitted series celebrating the centennial of John Cage. READ MORE->

Evening 7 of 12: Cage Transmitted @ Dumbo Arts Center
a series of lectures and performances. READ MORE=>

Evening 8, Part 1: Paradise Club: The Days of Cage, Dick, and Perky Pat
@ The Archway, under the Manhattan Bridge, Sept 15 at 7pm

Evening 8, Part 2:Lesley Flanigan and Friends
@ Harvestworks,Sept 21 at 7pm

Evening 8, Part 3:CO-LAB: Cut and Repeat
@ Dumbo Arts Center, Sept 22 at 7pm

Evening 8, Part 4: Cage and Zen and the New York Art World with author Kay Larson and composer Raphael Mostel
@ Dumbo Arts Center, Sept 23 at 7pm

Evening 10 of 12: Cage on Vinyl on Marley at National Academy Museum, Oct 27, 11am-6pm
A durational dance performance featuring many of the great dance luminaries dancing to Cage music on vinyl records. National Academy Museum, Oct 27, 11am-6pm.

Evening 11 of 12: Cage Transmitted returns to Dumbo Art Center!
Nov 12. An evening with choreographer Simone Forti
Nov 16. Cage Rethinks the Economics of Experimentation with scholar Eva Diaz
Nov 20. Empty Words with artist Audra Wolowiec

Evening 12 of 12: The Final Cage Transmitted Event
@ English Kills Gallery, Thurs Dec 20, 7-10pm

About E.A.T.
Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) is a non-profit service organization that promotes the collaboration between artists and engineers to provide artists with access to new technology and to facilitate their participation in projects dealing with areas of social concern.  E.A.T. was officially launched in 1967 by the engineers Billy Klüver and Fred Waldhauer and the artists Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Whitman. These men had previously collaborated, most notably in 1966 when they together organized 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, a series of performance art presentations that incorporated new technology as an integral part of the work. It was at the 9 Evenings that John Cage performed his historic electronic work, Variations VII (1966).


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