Long live the age of the apartment gallery!

Norte Maar, apartment gallery, brooklyn

Apartment galleries have a special place in our heart. Norte Maar’s apartment gallery at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Suydam Street in Bushwick, served not only as the foundation of our visual art program but also a historic role in the development of the Bushwick art scene from 2006-2016. Alternative art spaces play a vital role in facilitating conversation, building community, and inspiring creative collaborations. Apartment galleries exist between the artist studio and the public gallery. Artist Lynn Sullivan hosts regular pop-up exhibitions in her studio and home.


Work by Claudia Peña Salinas in BASE a pop-up show organized by artist Lynn Sullivan.

Four Letter Word Projects is an ongoing series of one-night shows in a variety of mostly private apartment spaces organized by artist Lynn Sullivan. The shows bring art and artists together to produce a conversation between works and people. Chili is served and old and new friends are always welcome!

Sullivan, who has a regular teaching job and full-time artist practice, has facilitated a number of themed exhibitions in various alternative spaces including her apartment. Last week, she opening a show titled BASE (with Vince Contarino, Ben Dowell, Zachary Fabri, Yashua Klos, Ellie Krakow, Erika Mahr, Esperanza Mayobre, Emmy Mikelson, Dominic Nurre, Claudia Peña Salinas, Kristof Wickman and Audra Wolowiec) and this weekend, November 20, she will open a show called RISE (with Sarah Bednarek, Erik den Breejen, Maria Calandra, Andy Cross, Rico Gatson, Ben Godward, Susan Hamburger, Becky Kinder, Jenny Lee, Elissa Levy, David McBride, Björn Meyer-Ebrecht, William Powhida, Birgit Rathsman, Elizabeth Tubergen and Danielle Webb).

The ideas for BASE were drawn from ideas about floors and extended to include bases of all kinds: architectural, social, economic, and chemical. RISE was drawn from ideas about walls and from things that envelop, protect and make surfaces speak messages. BASE and RISE were inspired by a flood, an eviction threat and finally new floors and walls in my apartment on St. Nicholas Avenue where I have lived, worked and come to know a great community of artists.

Other Four Letter Word Projects organized by Sullivan includes:
LIFT (with Amy Barkow, Rob Fischer, Maximilian Goldfarb, Oliver Lutz, Scott Penkava, Allyson Spellacy Smith, Ruslan Trusewych, David Wilson and Letha Wilson)

TALE (with Melanie Baker, Zach Bruder, Michelle Elzay, Kristen Jensen, Amy Lincoln, David Lukowski, Steve Robinson, Peter Rostovsky, Casey Ruble, Meredyth Sparks and Nicole Tschampel).

Stay tuned for RISE coming this Sunday, November 20.

For information about Lynn Sullivan and her pop-up apartment shows, please email anothersullivan [at] gmail.com. And as always, keep an eye out for events and exhibitions hosted by some of our favorite apartment galleries: Centotto, Parlour, Motel, and Orgy Park

About Lynn Sullivan.
Lynn Sullivan is a New York based artist working in video, sculpture and interdisciplinary projects.  Her work has been shown internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Super Impose at Baruch College New Media Artspace (New York, NY), Crevice Bouquet at Inside Out Museum (Beijing, China) and Field Notes, a mile-long installation, in Groton, Vermont commissioned by Burlington City Arts.  She is currently teaching in the Department of Art and Art History at Hunter College.

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