NM returns to Bushwick for BOS2016

Norte Maar, Odetta, Bushwick Open Studios, Debra RamseyBushwick, Brooklyn – Intrinsically linked to the history of the Bushwick art scene,  Norte Maar return to Bushwick celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Bushwick Open Studios with a special site specific dance performance collaboration with ODETTA gallery on October 1. Immersed in the art work of Debra Ramsay, the performance collaboration will feature four dancers performing choreography by Julia K. Gleich. The performance will take place at 6pm and 6:45 pm. The event is open to the public and free of charge.

Norte Maar + ODETTA present:

“a white room”

a dance by Julia K. Gleich with artwork by Debra Ramsay

Sat, Oct 1 at 6pm + 6:45PM

ODETTA | 229 Cook Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Choreographer Julia K. Gleich’s new ballet, “a white room,” was made in parallel with artist Debra Ramsay’s investigations of  “changes of color and repetitive serial systems,” which suggest the nature of a blank canvas upon which a series of evolving lines and color are drawn and structured. Working from the dancers’ own movement affinities and personalities, Gleich draws upon space, color, and character to create a textured and progressive dance performed by Kara Chan, Ahmaud Culver, Tiffany Mangulabnan and Izabela Szylińska.

Artist Debra Ramsay’s exhibition HUE[S]PACE continues her investigation of color, location, and time. The installation, Hue, Place, Pace, One Year of Color, cascades 14 feet from the ceiling and undulates 23 feet across the floor, specifically designed for the gallery. The installation translates a year of color change, from images gathered photographically during an exacting meditative walk, in the same specific location, repeated seasonally over the course of a single year, into an abstract three-dimensional object. The 14 artworks in the exhibition demonstrate Debra’s thinking on color. Thin veils of color laid over a translucent support, light pushing through the backs of the panels, and light changing within the environment all contribute to the shifting qualities within each painting, suggesting time itself.

ODETTA is a Bushwick-based gallery created and run by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan. The gallery exhibits the works of contemporary artists focusing on Color Theory, Minimalism, Glyphs, Buddha Mind, Fluxus, History, Humor, Psychedelia, Ephemera, Science, Math and Music.

L Train to Brooklyn. Morgan Avenue stop.

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