NM Co-Founders Andrew + Gleich Premiere Collaborative Film

Norte Maar, Vector Solo, Jason Andrew, Julia K. Gleich, Chris Tate, Theodore Collatos

Congratulations to Norte Maar’s co-founders Jason Andrew and Julia K. Gleich, as the first in a series of short dance films will premiere at the PHILADELPHIA SCREENDANCE FESTIVAL this weekend. Click here for tickets.

Vector Solo (2014)

A film by Jason Andrew
Choreography by Julia K. Gleich
Soundscape by Chris Tate
Danced by Abbey Roesner
Director of Photography: Theodore Collatos

Special Thanks to English Kills Gallery, Bushwick

“Vector Solo,” is the latest collaboration between curator Jason Andrew and choreographer Julia K. Gleich whose creative partnership began nearly 20 years ago when Jason literally fell in love with Julia (his ballet teacher). That summer, Jason followed Julia to her summer gig at Arts on the Hill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where by day he worked bagging groceries at the local Albertson’s supermarket and by night he danced and managed the first season of Julia’s dance company Gleich Dances. Their marriage in the arts and desire to promote collaborations in the arts lead the pair to found Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts in 2014. Since then, Norte Maar has encouraged and supported the creative efforts of hundreds of artists.


Vector Solo (20014) is a short film created in collaboration with Jason Andrew and Julia K. Gleich. It is inspired by the surreal, haunting and sterile landscapes of painter Yves Tanguy. In this vacancy, impulses spark dramatic directional thrusts as a dancer deftly navigates these pressures, balancing and falling out of space.


Vector Solo, Jason Andrew, Julia K. Gleich, Theodore Collatos Vector1 Vector2 Vector3 Vector4 Vector5 Vector6 Vector7 Vector8 Vector9

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