NM moves to Cypress Hills!

Norte Maar, Cypress Hills, East New York, BrooklynNorte Maar, the innovative arts organization that played an integral role in creating the vibrant Bushwick arts scene, is relocating to the Cypress Hills area of East New York.

Embarking on new artistic frontiers is at the heart of Norte Maar. From our early beginnings in the rural Village of Rouses Point in upstate New York to the vital impact we have made as the first non-profit to encourage and present the artists of the now thriving community of Bushwick, our journey as well as our mission remains unchanged: to create, promote and present collaborations among the visual, literary and performing arts, to connect emerging artistic communities and foster the imaginative energy in us all.

Our impact to date is immeasurable, as we have furthered the careers of hundreds of artists through exhibitions, performances and publications. It is with this momentum, commitment and sense of adventure that announce our move to Cypress Hills.

“East New York is Brooklyn in the raw and Cypress Hills has the same sense of potential as we once saw in Bushwick ten years ago,” explains Norte Maar Co-Founder / Director, Jason Andrew, “here we will once again have room to experiment and create. Piet Mondrian, Mae West and Harry Houdini are buried there so we’ve already got Modern Art, Movie Stars and Magic! Which isn’t a bad place to start!”

“We see in East New York the same underserved and neglected community that Bushwick was ten years ago. Bushwick hasn’t always been known for its arts scene,” Andrew explains. “When we first began programing in Bushwick the crime rate was much higher than the number of coffee shops, bars and galleries!”

Andrew has been a resident in Bushwick for ten years with husband, Norman Jabaut and, of course, the famous Brooklyn art dog, Fern. Fern has been a regular supporter of the apartment gallery and of BeatNites. Andrew and Jabaut have now purchased a two-family residence in East New York in partnership with Norte Maar co-founder and choreographer Julia Gleich, and Gleich’s British husband who will continue to divide their time between New York and London.

While we refocus our energy on our new community, Norte Maar will maintain its signature programs especially Norte Maar’s Dance at Socrates, BeatNite and CounterPointe  (our children’s program Artists and Authors will definitely be a part of our community arts programming). We are eager to begin talks of collaborating with local community advocates like Cypress Hills Local Development and other established art organizations like the remarkable ARTS East New York.

We believe in the transformative power of Art and the creative imagination inherit in us all. We look forward to bringing these fundamental ideals to our new home.

We hope you will actively join us in supporting our move, our continuing mission, and the many creative possibilities yet unimagined!

L Magazine on Norte Maar’s move.


  1. Jason Andrew (Author)


    Q: Why are you leaving Bushwick?

    A: The area has changed so much in the ten years we have been investing in the Bushwick arts scene that we can’t afford to buy real estate there. The founders of Norte Maar now have the opportunity to buy, but Bushwick is such a thriving community that it has become unaffordable.

    Q: Why Cypress Hills / East New York?

    A: It is a community that has a lot in common with Bushwick as it was ten years ago. It is Brooklyn in the raw. It has innovative artists, but it is underserved, and we think we can help develop things by building alliances and collaboration. That’s what Norte Maar does.

    Q: What do you see as your main achievements in Bushwick?

    A: Ten years ago, the idea of people traveling from Manhattan to see art in Brooklyn was unthinkable. We have changed that, and I hope permanently so.

    Q: I hear you have just lost Fern, the famous Brooklyn art dog. How are you coping?

    A: We are heartbroken, of course. Fern was part of everything we did in Bushwick. She welcomed people to the apartment gallery. She walked with us as we took groups of people from gallery to gallery on our Beat Nites. We even had an exhibition, “Portraits of Fern” in which 40 Bushwick artists presented their own take on everyone’s favorite dog. But art is at least 10,000 years old. The people, and animals, who have contributed to art over the millennia come and go, but art goes on.

    Q: Are you abandoning Bushwick?

    A: Of course not. We have many artists and friends there who have contributed to Norte Maar, and we will keep giving back to that community. There will still be Beat Nite tours in Bushwick, but now, also, in East New York.

    Q: Do you think artists in Cypress Hills will welcome you, or see you as trying to take over?

    A: I hope they will welcome us. We don’t “take over” anything. We build connections and create collaborations, between people from different areas and in different art media. A typical Norte Maar event includes visual, literary, musical and choreographic arts. No-one can have too many connections or too many friends. We want to help create a dense web of cooperation between the arts in Cypress Hills and other areas.

  2. Melissa

    Welcome to the neighborhood, we can’t wait!

    We feel the same way about CH –

    Melissa and Jake

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