NM hosts three international galleries during Exchange Rates!

Exchange Rates, Bushwick, Norte Maar, Sluice, art fair, expositionBushwick, Brooklyn – Norte Maar is pleased announce its participation in Exchange Rates: an exposition, Oct 23-26. Click here to download the Official Exchange Rates Press Release.

Conceived and produced by arts organizations helmed by artists and curators in Bushwick, Brooklyn and London, England, Exchange Rates—known also in this inaugural iteration as The Bushwick Expo—is an international exposition of artworks and curatorial programs in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their walls with kindred spaces on visit from elsewhere.

Exchange Rates, Bushwick, Norte Maar, Sluice, art fair, art expositionBushwick has grown into a robust nexus of art galleries and events—most often with artists and artworks, rather than strictly commerce, at the forefront. From commercial to non-profit to at least sustainably profitable, Bushwick galleries run a full gamut. Consistent elements among them overall, however, are curatorial rigor, artist-led initiatives and collaborative programming.

Exchange Rates invites representatives from kindred art communities to be part of Bushwick’s development. With a common focus on public engagement, artistic collaboration and the transferral of ideas, Exchange Rates will engender creative transaction between galleries, artists, curators and members of the public. There will be 52 galleries and projects participating from 19 different cities around the world. The expo will include several panel discussions, performance events and a special edition of Norte Maar’s bi-annual Beat Nite.

According to a the event’s producing trinity of Sluice_, Theodore: Art, and Centotto. crew, “some exhibits will be integrated, some collaborative yet autonomous, some even spontaneous or virtual. The rates of exchange, as such, will fluctuate, while the currencies of exchange—ideas and culture—remain fixed.”

For Exchange Rates, Norte Maar will host three galleries of international merit at two locations in Bushwick:

Durden and Ray, Los Angeles
at Norte Maar’s apartment gallery

Platform Gallery, Seattle
and PAPER Gallery, Manchester, UK
at Norte Maar Presents @ Schema Projects


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