NM Director, Jason Andrew, featured as Brooklyn galleriest you need to know

Jason Andrew, Norte Maar, Brooklyn, gallery, dealers, Norte Maar, Outlet Fine Art

Jason Andrew with his dog Fern at Norte Maar, with installation by Anthony Browne.

by Benjamin Sutton for artnet.com

Over the past decade the Brooklyn gallery scene has reached a marker of maturity: Instead of aspiring to make the move to Manhattan, dealers are staying put, taking advantage of their borough’s unique combination of (relatively) affordable rents and a dense concentration of artists to foster a vibrant and self-contained gallery system centered around the northern neighborhood of Bushwick. As this outlying zone of the New York art world gains prominence and draws more and more Manhattan collectors and curators across the East River, its dealers are increasingly playing a role in shaping the city’s contemporary art discourse—and market. These are some of the key players in this rich and varied gallery ecosystem.

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