NM brings back the late nite in Bushwick.

Norte Maar, Beat Nite, Bushwick, gallery stroll, gallery, Auxillary Projects, Schema Projects, Sardine, Weldon Arts, Low Brow Antique, OUTLET Fine Art, The Parlour, Microscope Gallery, AIRPLANE, Julian Jimarez-Howard, February 15Jason Andrew + Norte Maar bring back the late night in Bushwick with a limited edition of Beat Nite featuring just 10 art spaces selected by guest curator for the night, Julian Jimarez-Howard of Outlet Fine Art.

Beat Nite: limited edition will be held Friday, February 15. All participating spaces will be open 6-10pm followed by a huge after party at the newest bar/cabaret Bizarre where our local band PassKontrol will get our walking feet dancing.

Beat Nite made its neighborhood début with Bounce the Beat (February 2009) featuring all the alternative art spaces and galleries in Bushwick, which numbered only 7. In addition to Norte Maar only 2 of these spaces remain active in the neighborhood today: the ever poetic Centotto and the edgy English Kills (Pocket Utopia is now thriving on the lower east side). The event grew into a bi-annual occurrence following that initial night, offering an awesome neighborhood-wide late night that many labeled half art stroll, half bar crawl. Beat Nite expanded to include over 20 spaces in its last installment March 2012.

Our vibrant neighborhood has experienced an amazing transformation over the years and Norte Maar has been actively supporting its creative transformation from the beginning. Bushwick now showcases over 30+ galleries and alternative spaces and remains the creative center of New York City. Check out the map (courtesy Leftbank Art Blog).

It has always been our intention with Beat Nite to highlight the new and emphasize the alternative. Returning to this initial intention, we invited the young hip curator Julian Jimarez-Howard to curate an evening of art spaces. Beat Nite: limited edition features Julian’s selection of 10 art spaces including 5 new to the scene within the last year: Auxillary Projects, Schema Projects, Weldon Arts, Low Brow, and Outlet Fine Art.

We are confident this event will be something the entire neighborhood will embrace and support! Bushwick is full of amazing spaces and with Beat Nite: limited edition, we focus on just 10 of them:

Norte Maar
83 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Auxillary Projects
2 St. Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Schema Projects
92 St. Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

286 Stanhope Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Weldon Arts
181-R Irving Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Low Brow Antique
143 Central Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

253 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

The Parlour
791 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Microscope Gallery
4 Charles Place, Brooklyn, NY 11211

70 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Big thanks to:

Norte Maar, Hyperallergic, Beat Nite, Bushwick

and our community sponsors:

Norte Maar, Bodega Wine Bar, Bushwick, Beat Nite

24 St Nicholas Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237


Norte Maar, Heavy Woods, Bushwick, Beat Nite

50 Wyckoff Ave New York, NY 11237


Norte Maar, Miles, Bushwick, Beat Nite

101 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237


Norte Maar, Bizarre, Bushwick, Beat Nite

12 Jefferson St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

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