Cage Transmitted: 3 Part 1

Cage Transmitted: Evening 3 Part 1 featured sound artists Tamara Yadao and a crew that included Zen Albatross and Nicole Carroll (a.k.a n0izmkr). Held in conjunction with the closing party of the group show “What I Know,” curated by Norte Maar director Jason Andrew and housed at New York Center for Arts and Media Studies, the event drew one of the largest Cage Transmitted crowds yet!

Drawing on Cage’s experimental sound work with radio,  Yadao scored a live composition by adding her instrument of choice: the Game Boy. With the help of Albatross, recently returned from a performance at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and Carroll, the trio performed a dynamic work within an installation of several kinds of radios and video game. Throughout the performance, the movement of both the musicians and instruments altered frequency and tone, exploring a cross-disciplinary structure in line with Cage’s ethos.

 Watch a clip from the performance on YouTube


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