Pocket Utopia Returns!

Artist Austin Thomas, whose sketchbook is currently on display at Norte Maar, recently relaunched her exhibition space Pocket Utopia. “Pocket Utopia has long been a matter of resourcefulness and recycling, reenvisioning and reappropriation, ever an endeavor to make and remake and not waste—and always with variant notions of space and place,” writes Paul D’Agostino in a preview for The L Magazine. After a two year hiatus, Pocket Utopia has reinvented itself anew: last with a successful and well attended one night show of Donald Steele’s photographs housed in a new location on the Lower East Side.

Pocket Utopia will officially reopen on April 29th with the exhibition, in collaboration with C. G. Boerner, Portraits of Artists: 18th Century French Engravings.


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