Authors and Artists: a visit by Libby Hartle-Tyrrell

Norte Maar, Bushwick Library, Libby Hartle-Tyrrell

Today, a beautiful spring day, Libby Hartle-Tyrrell and her special assistant Violet returned as a visiting artist for our March installment of Authors + Artists at the Bushwick Library. The afternoon began with a reading of the children’s book Sandy’s Circus, a story about one of America’s great and innovative sculptors Alexander Calder.  Written by Tanya Lee Stone and illustrated by Boris Kulikov the book offered the perfect bridge to the children building their very own colorful and well-balanced mobiles!

Norte Maar, Bushwick Library, Jason Andrew Norte Maar, Bushwick Library, Alexander Calder, Libby Hartle-Tyrrell

Norte Maar, Bushwick Library

Norte Maar, Bushwick Library

Photos by Ida Josephsson

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