Valentine for John Cage: Evening 2 Part 1

Bubblyfish performs live at Norte Maar / courtesy of Atau Tanaka

On Valentine’s Day (Feb 14), Norte Maar hosted the first part of the second installment of our continuing Cage Transmitted series. We were joined by experimental composer Atau Tanaka, who gave a performance of Pure Data running on a battery of iPhones, sampling and resampling things and nothings, in hommage to Cage. Atau borrowed sounds from a blender and a coffee grinder to complete his spontaneous score.

Tanaka was accompanied by Bushwick local sound artist Bubblyfish, who, using contributions from the audience written on post-its, composed a live score incorporating the voices and the text collected on site.

Norte Maar, Atau Tanaka, Bushwick, electronic sound

Norte Maar, Atau Tanaka, Bushwick

For video of Tanaka’s performance click here

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