Norte Maar at the center of Bushwick v Chelsea?

courtesy of Luhring Augustine

Norte Maar found itself at the center of two poles of significant art happenings, as director Jason Andrew’s What I Know shared the same opening night with Luhring Augustine’s first exhibition in their newly launched and controversial Bushwick location. “Bushwick does Chelsea, Chelsea does Bushwick,” Andrew was quoted in a story by Artnet‘s Rachel Corbett. “Much has been made of tomorrow night’s opening,” Corbett goes on to write in her piece Bushwick v. Chelsea?, “Time will tell.”

Andrew’s show launched in the New York Center for Art and Media Studies (NYCAMS) 28th Street space. What I Know includes work by forty predominately Bushwick-based artists, many of whom have shown at Norte Maar’s apartment gallery, now in its sixth year, since opening in 2006. Ironically, what have been posed as two opposing poles are closely tied: Luhring Augustine’s premiere show features works by pioneer Charles Atlas, who served filmmaker-in-residence with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company for ten years. Atlas’ work has continually pushed genre boundaries and reached for new means of working collaboratively. Not only does Atlas’ ethos echo Norte Maar’s commitment to interdisciplinary projects, but Atlas’ role as the originator of “media-dance” paved the way for our current durational Cage Transmitted series.

post by Hannah Daly

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