Atau Tanaka set to perform at Valentine’s Day tribute to Cage

photo courtesy of the artist

Norte Maar is thrilled to welcome cross-disciplinary performer and composer Atau Tanaka for special Valentine’s Day edition of our Cage Transmitted series. Tanaka will be joined by sound artist Bubblyfish for an evening of genre-defying experimentation.

In 1966 John Cage conceived an ambitious work correlating physical space and broadcast media. Variations VII was intended to transform an architectural space, The Armory in New York City, into a broadcast space, in which telecommunications technologies such as radio, television and open telephone lines would bring global media transmissions and the urban environment of New York into a live performance. On 29 February 2008, Variations VII was performed in the UK for the first time, a performance which was also its European premiere and the first time it had been performed outside of the USA. The performance took place at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, as part of AV Festival 08, and was performed by Newcastle duo, :zoviet*france:, Matt Wand and Atau Tanaka.

Next week at Norte Maar, Tanaka will present documentation from the 2008 performance of Cage’s Variations VII at the Baltic in Newcastle upon Tyne. We will also see extracts from Cage’s original 1966 performance in Barbro Schultz Lundestam’s documentary film. Afterwards, Tanaka will give a short performance of Pure Data running on a battery of iPhones, sampling and resampling things and nothings, in hommage to Cage. Bubblyfish presents a participatory situation specifically for Norte Maar, that might involve anything from sounds to Post-It notes.

Please join us the evening of Feb 14, either street side outside our gallery space or online through our livestream, for an innovative performance based tribute.

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