Norte Maar’s Third Thursdays

Norte Maar’s Third Thursdays
by Talisa Chang
The Greenpoint Gazette, March 25, 2010 

David Powers stands at the front of the small, bright white room, the rough but elegant found-wood sculptures of Norman Jabaut hanging serenely around him. About a dozen guests sit cozily amongst pink, white, and red chairs, waiting attentively for the young musician, artist, poet and MC/DJ to begin.

Out of his element, without the usual hip-hop beats behind him, Powers’ voice retains a raw and musical quality to it as he recites his poems, kaleidoscopic narratives that zoom in and out, weaving their way from the J train platform, through Brooklyn and Manhattan, out towards the sun and the universe and back into apartments, bathrooms, alleys. He speaks with eyes closed, calm and articulate, with his hands moving in rhythm as if to punctuate his words.


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